Looking for the ultimate rugged-looking off-road trailer that promises unparalleled durability, ultra-reliable performance and surprisingly versatile functions? Take a look at the XVENTURE XV-2 Off-Road Trailer by Schutt Industries. Produced by the famous U.S. industrial and military grade equipment manufacturer, this revolutionary severe-duty vehicle is especially designed for extreme off-road enthusiasts and overland professionals.

Drawing on the most up-to-date military engineering technologies and special purpose trailers, the updated XVENTURE XV-2 model has been optimized through extensive field testing and user feedback analysis in order to meet a wide range of potential client requirements. Engineered to endure years’ long heavy use, the XVENTURE XV-2 is built using a riveted all-aluminum construction method, combined with the superior patented Alcoa HuckBoltsystem to produce a 100% aluminum hand-assembled chassis and cargo bed which are substantially more durable – yet lighter – than the standard welded steel products.

The XVENTURE aluminum chassis features over 300 HuckBolts from Alcoa (each of them has the bonding strength of 2,268 kilograms) and has a scratch- and chip-resistant poly-urea protective coating. The absence of welds combined with the use of a military-grade torsion-axle suspension adds to the trailer durability and minimizes the risk of potential cracks and weld fatigue, ensuring a vibration- and fatigue-resistant structure which can protect delicate load over a lifetime of heavy-duty cargo handling in the toughest of environments.

Xventure off road trailer

Unlike the typical trailer with cramping space and tent hardware, the XVENTURE XV-2 uses a special elevating rack system with six manually adjustable positions to provide a modifiable sleeping upper deck and a large lower cargo bed, thus increasing the cargo hauling versatility (the upgraded XV-2 can reportedly house even dual-sport bikes). The upper deck is outfitted with a 226 x 151 x 45.8 centimeter bed and the bed tailgate can be easily removed to serve as a rough work surface. The trailer features a spray-in bed liner with ultra-tough surface coating for extra protection from everyday wear, and the removable high-quality custom tonneau cover offers a 360-degree access to the cargo bed, allows for unobstructed load insertion even for large items and it also protects the cargo from unfavorable weather conditions. The large front utility cabinet, matching the full width and height of the cargo bed, is made from aluminum and fitted with a lock to allow for safe storage of extra-sensitive cargo. The utility cabinet is designed to house a power system, 50-liter refrigerator, two Jerry cans, tool set, lightning equipment and tie-downs that can be used both on the inside and the outside of the trailer to secure any type of load.

Xventure off road trailer storage compartment

The XVENTURE XV-2 is fitted with electric brake actuators that eliminate all hydraulic impact typical for traditional braking systems, while the dual manual parking brakes are installed to ensure that the trailer stays securely positioned when not hooked to the vehicle. The rear adjustable stabilizer legs are used to keep the loaded trailer level when detached from Jeep, and the three-axis max-hitch guarantees smooth and silent rides even with radical plane changes. The electrically pre-wired XVENTURE XV-2 has its wiring routed all through the aluminum frame tubing for safe weatherproof operation. The trailer electro-system sports a 75-AH deep cycle battery pack, a 110-volt inverter and charging system, with four power supply outlets for additional accessories (i.e. extra lighting, compressors or pumps).

Xventure off road trailer with smart technology capabilities

The XVENTURE XV-2 also has built-in receivers on the sides so you can easily mount a table or another accessory, and the bed liner fitted up front serves as protection from trail debris. The LED back-up lights can be turned on independently and they can also be used as ultra-bright area illumination lanterns at a campsite, and the new heavy-duty fender structure of the upgraded XV-2 model lets users step on them to gain easy access to the items stored on the rack.

With 2,000 lb of payload capacity, the XVENTURE XV-2 can be fitted with a number of optional hubs and accessories such as water or fuel tank, on-board 12V power with solar supply, swing-out spare tire carrier, cargo rack, solar power, rooftop tent and all stainless propane cook-top, which means that the trailer has been engineered to be fully customizable in order to meet the customer’s individual requirements. And there’s one more neat detail: all XVENTURE trailers are in stock and ready to ship in 3-10 days, so all you need to do is choose your favorite color, pick a hub pattern and add a list of accessories you need most. As soon as your trailer arrives in a few days, you’ll be ready to set out on an off-road overland adventure and haul your precious cargo to your next destination with maximum safety and ease. [viawatch video below

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