You go on an off-road adventure with your SUV, have a great time, get some adrenaline pumping and then you get really hungry – craving a good old steak while knowing all too well that sandwiches you brought with you would not suffice. The US company Front Runner, known for its range of fantastic roof racks, camping gear and expedition equipment, has a really compact and practical product for you – the Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate.

The grate is made from high quality laser cut stainless steel, it has steel constructed legs, and takes almost no space at all, unlike your typical bulky outdoor cooking grate. You simply hook it over your spare tire and secure it with a ratchet strap. It fits both back-mounted and trunk-stored spare tires. The grate fits 740mm to 940 mm tires (29” to 37”), and its diameter is 600mm (23.6″). When assembled, the BBQ grate is 21cm (8.5″) high, and 83cm (32.5″) wide.  It weighs 6.12 kg (or 13.5lbs).

Front runner spare tire bbq

The grate has separate grill and griddle segments, making sure that you won’t be dropping your steak onto charcoal. Not only that, once you are done barbecuing, the Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate will also double as a table. [via]

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Spare tire bbq grate

BBQ grate

Spare tire bbq grate

Spare tire bbq grate

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