High Camp Teardrop Trailer


We have featured a decent number of pretty cool campers, but few of them boast the amazing nostalgic design and craftsmanship of the High Camp Teardrop Trailer. This teardrop camper is reminiscent of campers from mid 20th century which is how it creates its nostalgic effect. This is largely due to the aluminum shell which encases the entire camper. This appearance may even seem cold to some, but after popping its doors open, you get pleasantly surprised by the beautiful birch plywood interior. The wood interior gives it a much warmer and welcoming appearance and, for a camper of this size, the interior is also well suited for your every need.

High Camp Teardrop Trailer angle view

The aluminum shell hides the warm birch plywood interior

The 40 inches high cabin of the High Camp trailer is equipped with a queen sized 4 inches thick mattress on which you can comfortably sleep and rest. The entire cabin offers a lot of storage space as it has large storage compartments in the headboard, two open headboard cupboards and upper cabinets. As for the ventilation system assigned for the cabin, you will have to make due with sliding screen windows and a roof vent with rain sensing auto closure.

High Camp Teardrop Trailer cabin interior

The large cabin area has a queen sized bed and more than enough space for all of your stuff

High Camp trailer’s galley is pretty spectacular to say the least. Dennis Caron, the man behind every part of this amazing trailer, looked at other campers in order to find a suitable design but, after finding a lot of problems with them, simply made a design of his own. The galley is equipped with a lot of storage space with its two storage cabinets for cooking pots and food. It also has two storage areas under the counter which hold the 100-Ah deep cycle battery and a 30A power converter. It also has a three-burner cooktop and a stainless steel cooler which can be easily accessed because they slide out.

High Camp Teardrop Trailer gallez interior

From a three-burner cooktop and a cooler to a lot of storage space, this galley has it all

This teardrop trailer measures 12 x 7 x 5.5 feet and weighs around 1.250 lb and its small size and great functionality is what makes it worth the buy. Currently priced at $14.900 with standard features, you can opt for more features such as a solar charging system, battery monitor or custom iPad mount but you will have to pay more for these, of course. [via]

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