There are so many good things about the Sony PlayStation TV Micro Console. First of all, it will cost only $99, so it might as well become a common feature in homes of tech lovers. Moreover, it can play Vita games and stream games from PlayStation Now, as well as serve as a remote hub for the PlayStation 4 that you can use to play the games even when the PS4 is not in the room with you.

Additionally, the design is also great, which is something that Sony got us used to. All their products look sleek and minimalistic, yet sturdy enough to inspire confidence in performance and durability alike. It might actually prove to be so innovative that we might expect a whole relatively new movement in gaming that would employ micro consoles, because without those, the competitors will have a big problem with Sony.

Playstation TV will become available in the US by fall 2014, but it is already available in Japan, so its functionality has been tested. The price tag of $99 is for the Sony PlayStation TV Micro Console alone, while a package including the console, a Dual Shock 3 controller, a Lego Movie Vita and an 8GB memory card will set you back $139.

Sony keeps improving the product. The previous iteration called the Vita TV had some of the functionality, but the current product has upped the game significantly even providing you with the option of accessing the PlayStation Now streamed games even without actually owning a PS4 or a Sony TV.

The only downside I can see is the continual lack of internal storage which is only 1GB. However, getting an admittedly somewhat expensive Vita memory card would fix this problem. [via] watch video below

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