The latest product from Sony is named the 4K Ultra Short Throw and it is a device that is amazing for its functionality and design alike. It is the second projector from this company that provides 4K resolution for Ultra HD home theater, albeit significantly different from its older brother.

The ‘Ultra Short Throw’ from the title is there because this projector gives image from a very short distance – up to 20 inches away. The image of the highest quality can be from 66 up to 147 inches thanks to the 1.6x power zoom.

Now, this kind of a short throw might be a problem with some other products, but guys from Sony know what they are doing. The 4K ultra Short Throw is designed as a piece of furniture and a great addition to the interior design in its own right. The projector has the dimensions of 43.3 x 10.4 x 21.1 in (110 x 26.5 x 53.5 cm) and you only need to place it on the floor by the wall that you intend to use instead of a screen.

Sony UST 4K projector

You will be able to enjoy 3D capability and present you with content from Netflix and Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K, as well as from satellite, internet or cable providers.

The 4K UST uses an SXRD panel to give 2,000 lumens and 4096 x 2160 pixels. It also has 4 HDMI ports and two speaker units that follow the same design route as the projector. The projector does not have the conventional lamp, but rather a laser diode that provides highest-quality brightness and colors that lamp projectors can never achieve.

The short throw setup actually helps remove some of the perils that home projectors encounter. It minimizes shadows, or even completely eliminates them, along with taking out the need to deal with complex mounting and installation, as well as various image position and sharpness setups.

In all fairness, there is no similar product with matching features out there. The 4K image quality provides unmatched viewing experience with very easy setup and mounting that stems mostly from the short throw arrangement. And it is so damn beautiful. [via]

Sony ultra short throw 4k projector

Sony UST 4K projector

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