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11 Car Accessories Under $50 That Will Make Your Drives Easier

Today, we’re helping you get the best car accessories that are both convenient and under $50. Check out our list below and make your drive easier: 1 – Tile Key Finder Thanks to this small Tile Finder, you’ll be able to locate your keys in a matter of seconds. Just attach it to the keychain and …

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Jebiga Finds Of The Week

What did you miss last week? Check out our Finds Of The Week segment and stay informed. Just like with previous posts, we selected some of the finest gear. Find them below. 1 – Filson Barrel Pack Here’s a new duffel bag from Filson, in its simple barrel shape. It’s made from signature Filson materials- …

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14 Best Gear For The Bike Commuter


Having a good bike for commuting is just the start. You will need plenty of other gear that will make the trip more efficient, safe and enjoyable. Today, we made a list of items that every bike commuter can find useful, whether it is essentials like good quality lights and locks, organization items like backpacks …

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Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag


We’ve written about Matador a few times now and they keep surprising us with their super cool tiny but useful items. This time, it’s Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag, the fully waterproof bag that can come in handy if you’re going to the beach, traveling or doing watersports. Just like the rest of Matador products, it …

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Knops | Adjustable Ear Plugs That Reduce Noise


We’ve all been there- crying babies, construction site noise, loud concerts…If you’re easily irritated with high volume sounds and want to preserve your hearing then look no further. We’re talking about Knops, acoustic hearing solution that will serve as a volume button for your ears allowing you to find silence everywhere. They are currently being funded on …

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Weatherproof Big Sur Hammock | By Yellow Leaf Hammocks


We all know that there is nothing quite like chilling out in a hammock. Hanging mid-air, as you feel all the tension escape you. Be it for a trip to the beach, lazing around a campsite, or simply chilling out in your backyard, the Big Sur Hammock has got you covered. Being weatherproof, the Big …

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Japanese Iron Oven | By Snow Peak


Japanese Nanbu cast ironware has a reputation for more than 900 years. Now, this traditional craftsmanship is used for making a Japanese Iron Oven. With ultra-thin, 2.25 mm walls it can be used for endless cooking options and it’s definitely built to last. What’s special about this Japanese Iron Oven is that it’s a three-piece, standard sized cast iron cook set …

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Kitchen Aid Cold Brew Coffee Maker


We have a great coffee maker to introduce you to if you want to treat yourself with a cold brew on hot summer days. This Kitchen Aid Cold Brew will provide you with a smooth and rich flavored cup of coffee. It’s super easy to use and clean and because of it’s size, you’ll be able to …

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Tentsile Flite Tree Tent | The Perfect Tent For Hiking


There is no doubt that camping is fun but with an ordinary tent, there are a variety of things and situations that can mar your experience. Things like bugs, muddy ground caused by rain during the night or, possibly, wildlife that can harm you. Luckily, Tentsile has long been known for their interesting and innovative …

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