Sony’s Xperia Touch Makes Surfaces Come To Life

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As far as technology, and projectors go, there was one thing that we have sorely been missing, and looking forward to it. Well, as the technological evolution accelerates, it is no surprise that our dreams have been met. Introducing the Sony Xperia Touch.

Compact, stylish, and unlike any other, the Xperia Touch combines touchscreen capabilities with the power of projection.

Games being played and a cookbook being projected from the Xperia Touch

From your favorite arcade games for the family, and even projecting a cookbook onto your cooking surface, the Xperia Touch is going to change the way that we interact with the world.

Powered by WiFi and a short-throw projector system, the Xperia Touch turns any table or wall into a completely interactive, 10-point multitouch, 23” screen. This allows you to project a variety of games for the whole family onto a large, and easily controlled surface. You can even transform your counter into a cookbook, and search for recipes on the web while you cook. Check out the video below.

Video call being made on the Xperia Touch

If you wanted to have a family video call, or even watch a movie, the Touch can also project a screen up to 80″ in size.

If you were looking for a fun family night, simply calibrate it to project a movie of your choice onto a wall, and it instantly becomes an 80” cinema projector. You can also turn your wall into a message board. It also comes with an automatic proximity sensor, that will switch it on whenever it senses that you are approaching. This allows you to remember important things in your day with ease.

A front view and a side view of the Xperia Touch

The Touch’s design also allows it to seamlessly fit into any decor you might have.

All in all, the Xperia Touch is compact, lightweight, and designed to be understated. This means that it is an excellent visual addition to any décor that you might. It only weighs in at 932g, and only measures in at 69 x 134 x 143mm. It also comes with super powerful stereo speakers.

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Get it from Sony here.

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