About Jebiga

Jebiga found its roots in the Balkans during the spring of 2013 by a Canadian digital nomad.

It has since grown rapidly from a blog about architecture and design into a highly trafficked online magazine (over 250.000 monthly visitors) about gear, tech, rides, lifestyle, travel and product design.

Jebiga’s aim is to provide practical information to our readers and followers, with the goal of making their lives more efficient and interesting. We also spice it up sometimes with over the edge content.

Jebiga Design and Lifestyle Magazine has grown quickly and as of July 2015 is in the top 120.000 websites in the world.

Jebiga publishes up to 4 articles daily to a loyal audience and following by covering the latest trends and news on topics related to GearDesign, Technology, TravelRidesArchitecture and Art. Lifestyle

**In the Balkans, the word ‘Jebiga’ pronounced ‘yebi gaa’ is a common saying and literally translated means ‘F**k it’.


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