If you love the taste of outdoorsman lifestyle and would like to extend your maverick ways by a mobile, off-grid lodge, try ADAK trailers for size: designed by a group of lifelong camping enthusiasts, this portable, military-looking shelter is a perfect off-road trailer for your most comfortable, hassle-free and affordable outdoor stay.

Featuring a rugged exterior design, each spacious trailer crafted by Florida-based ADAK Industries LLC provides a comfy and versatile on-the-go shelter that can stand a wide range of rough routes and unfavorable elements without budging an inch. Made from an aluminum I-beam frame attached to two all-terrain wheels held together by a custom torsion-bar suspension, each ADAK trailer has a 1 ½ inch FRP honeycomb floor firmly bonded and bolted to an aluminum chassis and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) laminated honeycomb walls and roof, making it the most rigid and best insulated camper shelter out there. Thanks to the efficient bonding procedure applied for maximum strength and durability, the ADAK trailer functions like a single-piece structure, eliminating potential wear and leaks even on rockiest of paths and in heaviest of rains, while its dead-air trapping insulation system ensures optimum temperatures and cooling/heating capacities all through the year.

Adak Trailer pulled by a pick up truck in the woods

Since all the plumbing and wiring is fitted right inside the trailer structure and a strong torsion axle is used between the tire-shod wheels instead of the standard wheel-to-wheel shaft for added stability, the military-looking olive-green ADAK shelter units are completely snag-free underside and ensure extra-smooth rides as there are no hanging components below deck that might get caught and damaged on ultra-rough terrains. On the inside, the trailer is rather spacious, with an optimized internal space sizing some 116 square feet (10.8 square meters), with 6 feet 8 inches (around 2 meters) of headroom. Inside the trailer, you will find a convertible bed/living area with a couple of offset sofas that can be pulled out to create single beds.

A step-up dining area is located at the front end of the camper and it’s equipped with a central table and bench seats (the table can be further transformed into an extra bed). A small bathroom with cassette toilet and shower and a spacious onboard storage compartment are found at the opposite end of the interior area. In the trailer, there’s also a 45 gallon water tank with 12-volt pressurized water system tested at below-zero conditions, with on-demand hot water capacities. The ADAK trailer is equipped with a standard electrical system comprising a 1,000-watt inverter, double six-volt deep-cycle flooded batteries, four interior 120-volt outlets and one exterior wall outlet.

Adak Trailer interior

On top of all this camper goodness, each ADAK trailer sports poly-urea treated exterior corners and flooring, bright LED interior/exterior lighting system and a set of electric brakes. In case this is not enough capacity-wise to meet the highest of your rugged camper trailer demands, ADAK also lets you customize the camper interior design and throw in a handful of practical add-ons such as a generator, sink and two-burner cooker, outdoor galleys, air conditioner, internal refrigerator, furnace, wood flooring and cabinetry and an entertainment package.

Built for simple use and easy maintenance, ADAK trailers are adaptable to a variety of purposes, from recreational camping to first responder, police and military missions. With its rugged design and durable construction materials, ADAK guarantees comfort, safety and stability on the go. Give voice to your inner adventurer – go ADAK, and stay off the beaten track for as long as you like because this sturdy trailer will never let you down when braving the wild. watch the video below

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Adak Trailer rear compartment

Adak Trailer rear

Adak Trailer

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