Turtleback Off-Road Trailer

from $9,995

If you’re into camping and outdoor exploration, but RVs are too big for your taste or simply way out of your financial reach, Turtleback Off-road Trailer may just hit your sweet spot. Dave Munsterman is a name behind the Turtleback Trailers, a company that specializes in creating durable and easily transportable camping trailers.

When Dave was a little kid, his dad built a Ford Econoline van camper in which these two spent three months somewhere in the wilderness. So, it’s only logical for Dave to continue the family tradition. At the base of the Turtleback Off-road Trailer is a tubular steel frame that offers stability and helps this trailer to overcome rugged terrains such as deserts, mountains and forests. The frame is designed to be compatible with a bike rack, cooler rack or small motorcycle.

Trailer captured from the side.

Turtleback Off-road Trailer is durable and easily transportable that can overcome harshest terrains.

Trailer captured from behind on the road.

It can be easily attached to a bike rack, cooler rack or small motorcycle.

This small camper features a durable fixture-built chassis that is attached to 15-in steel wheels via rubber torsion axles. This trailer also has 10-in electric brakes. When it comes to the upper body, the whole thing is made of powder-coated aluminum that will protect you from any kind of extreme conditions during your camping trip. The interior is equipped with the essentials like a standard Atwood 6-gal (22.7-L) water heater. The water is distributed with a 12-volt pump. This small trailer is meant to carry equipment and gear, so there is not much room for travelers.

Kitchen captured from the front.

The trailer has a slide-out plywood kitchen with a stainless steel sink and stove.

Water supply is a priority when it comes to outdoor life away from civilization, so this trailer features a 42-gallon (129-L) water tank that’s located above the axles. Turtleback trailer also has a slide-out plywood kitchen that is easily accessible. The kitchen is equipped with a stainless steel sink and Wedgewood stainless steel dual-burner stove. There is also a propane tank that is located on the outer side of the vehicle.

Trailer captured from the side.

This trailer is not meant to carry travelers. There is room just for gear and supplies.

Fully equipped trailer captured from an angle.

It features a 42-gallon (129-L) water tank and a 12-volt water pump.

The trailer is also equipped with LED lighting that can be used after dark and an electrical system that is powered by a 24-AGM marine battery. This vehicle has a 12-volt outlet and two USB outlets. On the top, you’ll find a roof rack that can be used to secure the interior and equipment or it can be used for attaching some additional tents. All in all, this little trailer is very convenient for everyone who enjoys camping and outdoor adventures.

Trailer captured in the wild.

The trailer also has LED lighting and a roof rack that can support other additional tents.

Check out this presentation of Turtleback Off-road Trailer here.

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