There are many ways to charge your portable devices on the go. There are loads of solar-powered chargers out there and loads of power-storing portable chargers and they all work great. But they do have their limitations – solar chargers do not work at night and power-storing chargers eventually run out of juice. Some of them thought of a way to combine these two options for a better performing product, but the new PowerPot V chose a different path.

If you have any kind of heat source, you also have charging power. The PowerPot V can charge any USB enabled device converting heat energy into electric power. The pot works as any pot, boiling the content over a heat source, but it also features a thermoelectric generator with the maximum output of 5W that converts heat into power and thus charges your portable devices just as fast as a standard outlet does. Simply plug in the provided 3-feet cord. The cord is also flame resistant, so no worries about any accidents related to this.

Powerpot V cooking pot

The PowerPot is made of hard anodized aluminum so it is sturdy and easy to carry around in the wild. Its dimensions are 4.5″ x 5.5″ (8″ with lid on) and it weighs 12 ounces. Having in mind that it is made for outdoor adventurers it might easily become one of the most important features of their survival kit since it can provide power for all other essentials that you have – phones, lights, portable speakers, cameras, radios, but also more important survival equipment such as GPS units and water purifiers.

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Thermoelectric cooking pot

Powerpot V charging a camera

Powerpot V thermoelectric cooking pot

Powerpot V

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