It can be a real bugger when you’re alone outdoors with your cell phone battery dying and all the lights going out in the face of the approaching night. Well, you need not worry about the dangers lurking in the dark any longer, with Lighthouse 250 by Goal Zero. Packing both a powerful LED lantern and a USB power hub in one convenient unit, Lighthouse 250 is the camper’s next best friend, designed to give you sufficient lighting and also provide extra juice for electronic gadgets on your outdoor adventures.

Unlike traditional lanterns which mostly rely on costly D batteries or weak rechargeable packs that are no good once they run flat, the Lighthouse 250 features an advanced, lithium-ion USB-rechargeable battery with a built-in management system with charging and low-battery protection which can be easily juiced up in some 7 hours from laptops or wall adapters via the included USB cord securely belted around the lantern’s body. On top of that, you can also recharge your Lighthouse 250 in the sun by connecting it to a Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel (recharge time takes 7 to 14 hours, depending on solar conditions) or by means of the built-in pop-up hand crank in case of a dire emergency (you get about 10 minutes of light for every 1 minute spent spinning the electricity-generating arm). Weighing 1.1 pounds, the Lighthouse 250 design also sports two foldaway rubberized wire legs for easy portability and stable support stand.

Lighthouse 250 Goal Zero lantern

Perfectly suited for use on camping trips, the Lighthouse 250 allows you to adjust brightness levels and extend battery life to an amazing 48 hours with its innovative DuaLite Directional Lighting feature. Thanks to the three options featured on the dial (low, high and turbo), you can opt for 360° of bright warm white LED light to illuminate the entire tent or save on power and extend runtime by lighting only half the lantern to produce soft ambient light. The Lighthouse 250 has settings for dimmable and TURBO light, making sure you always have absolute control over its 250 lumens, battery usage and runtime.

But that’s not all – the Lighthouse 250 can also double as a portable power station, with a built-in USB port that allows you to recharge your small hand-held electronic devices on the go. The powerful 4,400 mAh internal battery provides enough power to juice up a smartphone, e-reader, media player, camera, GPS gear or even boost a tablet. When it happens that your Lighthouse 250 is low on energy, the battery level indicator in the form of a line of blue LEDs will let you know it’s recharge time.

Ideal for campers, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 brings together ample light and sufficient juice to keep you safe, sound and connected as you explore the wild.

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Camp lantern from Goal Zero

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