Segway Advanced Personal Robot | Personal Butler Of The Future

Hoverboards are pretty cool, but imagine a hoverboard that’s also your personal butler! The Segway Advanced Personal Robot is a project that’s being developed by Segway, Intel and Xiaomi. These three companies have teamed up to make a rideable robot that will also react to voice commands, see in the dark and have many more features. The state right now is a robot that can see and recognize the environment, navigate and follow, and react to voice commands.

The best thing about the Segway Advanced Personal Robot is that it’s extendable so you’ll be able to add an array of amazing features. This modular robot looks a bit like a Lego-man. On the screen, you can see its eyes, and above them there are RealSense cameras installed. This cool personal transporter and butler can also stream video, make cute expressions and it promises much more as the developer kit will be available in the second half of 2016.

Segway Advanced Personal Robot, three different views on a module, on a white background.

The Segway Robot is a rideable robot that reacts to voice commands and can recognize the environment

The features of the Segway Personal Robot are:

  • Intel atom processor makes all applications run
  • GPU acceleration available for vision algorithms
  • multiple cameras, including depth sensing camera, fisheye tracking camera, and photo camera
  • multiple motors
  • attachable arms
  • microphone array or voice commands
  • integrated depth sensing with the Intel RealSense RGB-D camera
  • Segway base
  • double motors with rated power of 800W
  • 18 km/h comfort speed
  • maximum torque of 70Nm
  • 30 km maximum single trip distance
  • Interface that allows for hardware extensions and communication using SDK
Segway Advanced Personal Robot balancing and navigating in the street in front of some stairs.

This great robot also functions as a transporter and it can go as far as 30 km on a single trip

Thanks to the RealSense cameras the Segway Advanced Personal Robot can see in 3D which will enable object recognition, tracking, and more. The robot will self-balance and you can move the robot and see the world in many angles thanks to the multiple motors. The cameras and sensors enable track and follow feature via Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. You can also send voice commands to the robot from anywhere in the room. Connect it to other smart hardware to monitor your home and things you care about. Open SDK on Android platform will allow you to develop and add your own apps. It may not be completely finished yet, but the future’s looking very bright for this hoverboard robot. [via]

Segway Advanced Personal Robot being chased around the sofa by a golden retriever.

The robot has RealSense enabled 3D cameras and it can navigate around the house on its own.

Check out the video for more details:

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