iOgrapher iPhone 6+ Filmmaking Case


In this modern world, almost everyone has an opportunity to capture something important or entertaining that can go “viral”. The Internet is filled with various images and interesting videos that were taken with iPhone or other smartphones. This new iPhone 6+ Filmmaking Case by iOgrapher will allow you to easily capture steadier and better videos.

This case is made for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus. You can easily put your phone in and out in a matter of seconds. The handles on both sides will provide you with the needed stability for steadier videos. The case itself is 7.9 inches (20cm) wide, 4.72 inches (12cm) high and 1.18 inches (3cm) thick. The case weighs only 6.4 ounces (181g), so you won’t have any problems carrying it around.

Case with an iPhone captured from behind.

This case is made for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.

Fully equipped case photographed from an angle.

You can add tripods, microphones and additional lights to this case.

iPhone 6+ Filmmaking Case by iOgrapher has a 1/4 20 thread on the bottom so it can be easily attached to a tripod. Besides that it also features a 1/4 20 thread on the right handle so you can capture your videos in portrait mode. This case also features 2 cold shoes on top, so you can add microphones and additional lighting. Combined with the camera on the iPhone 6 Plus, this mobile case can help you film some excellent videos when it comes to quality.

A person holding a case and filming.

The case will provide you with the needed stability for high-quality videos.

Case photographed with all available accessories.

All these additional accessories are sold separately.

Combined with a tripod, this case will give you stability and steadiness which is good for capturing smooth panoramic views. The case is also good for video modes such as Periscope or Meerkat. It has to be said that all of those accessories are sold separately from the main case.

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A man filming the NFL game captured from behind.

It’s very easy to use and it weighs only 6.4 ounces (181g).

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