4 Self-Balancing Electric Scooters That You Should Know About


There is a way of getting swiftly to your work, school, gym or wherever you need to go without having to sit in a car for hours, battling traffic jams and fretting about being late. This way is a little bit unorthodox but very efficient and environmentally friendly. We are talking about electric self-balancing scooter boards/segways which have been growing in popularity in recent years.

Why, you may ask? They are safe, easy, and cheap to operate, they will get you from point A to point B just like any other vehicle, they don’t produce harmful carbon emissions, they are fun, light enough to carry, less accident prone and are an excellent alternative to traditional modes of transportation. As the CEO of one electric scooter company said: “”It’s a game changer. It’s transforming the way we can transport, mobilize, move around not just outdoors but indoors in the supermarket, pushing carts, down the street sidewalks walking your dog.”

People using self balancing scooters on the street

If you want to buy an electric, self-balancing scooter board but are worried about learning how to ride it, please don’t because it will literally take you 10 minutes to master it. Trust us, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. They come with built-in stabilizers / gyroscopes which actually do the work for you. How do they work? Scooter boards have two independently-controlled wheels and you ride them by applying pressure to two foot pads on either side. They can travel up to 20 miles before the battery is in need of charging.

Here is our pick of the best self-balancing electric scooters currently on the market:

1. Monorover R2

Monorover R2 smart electric scooter

The Monorover R2 is lightweight, portable and is easy to handle thanks to its double balancing system

This is a lightweight (weighing only 22 lbs / 10 kg), compact (dimensions: 23 x 7.3 x 7 inches), portable scooter. It has a double balancing system for easy learning and flexible control. Thanks to its robust body and anti-slip foot grip the scooter is suitable both for children and adults. MonoRover 2 is very easy to maneuver in narrow spaces because it has a zero turning radius, and you can even turn it a full circle in a spot. It is powered by two motors located in the wheels and you need to use both of your feet to break, accelerate and turn. MonoRover R2 has a 36V/4.4AH battery which you need to charge every 17 to 20 km (10.53 to 12.42 miles) for at least 2 hours. It has a top speed of 12 km/h (7.45 miles/h) and a maximum riding angle of 15 degrees, which depends on the rider’s weight, the terrain and the outdoor temperature.

BUY | $770

2. IO Hawk

IO Hawk self balancing scooter

The IO Hawk is currently one of the most popular self-balancing scooters on the market

This scooter is one of the most popular self-balancing scooters out there, so much so that the company which produces them is currently on backorder. IO Hawk is a brainchild of two friends who, in their own words, “drifted across the Pond to bring something new and innovative to the world.” Like most electric, self-balancing scooter boards, this one is also lightweight, weighing at 22 pounds. IO Hawk’s top speed is 6 mph (9.65 km/h) and it can carry a load of between 44 and 265 lbs. The scooter’s climbing limit is 15 degrees and it requires a 4.4Amp Lithium-Ion 36V battery. You can get anything from 10 to 12 miles range from a single charge. The platform is 4.33 inches high while its dimensions are 24.65 x 9.65 x 9.84 inches. IO Hawk in five colors – black, white, blue, red and yellow and it has lights behind the base as a security measure.

BUY | $1,399.99

3. Oxboard


The Oxboard offer an efficient and enjoyable mode of transportation, capable of achieving 9.32 mph

This electric scooter board comes all the way from Europe. From The Netherlands, to be exact. The main objective of its designers is to provide people with a practical transport solution that is also easy to maintain and compact. Oxboard’s top speed is 15 km/h (9.32 mph) and it has a 20-kilometer-range (12.40 miles). Oxboard’s designer Ernie Hiemstra says that Oxboard is “a simple and enjoyable mode of transport, which fits in well with a modern, efficient lifestyle.” It will take you only three hours to recharge this electric scooter which is made from top quality components. The material used to build the scooter’s housing is PC/ABS which is highly resistant to wear & tear, collisions and scratches. Oxboard also has LED lights (6000Kelvin / Xenon) which light up your route. The board is available in three colors – White, Red and Black. If you want to try the Oxboard and you happen to be in Berlin between September 4th and 9th, please visit the IFA (the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances), and have a bit of fun with this great electric self-balancing scooter board.

 BUY | $890

4. Solowheel

Solowheel self balancing unicycle

The Solowheel is a unique self-balancing scooter because it looks and functions as a unicycle

Solowheel is really one of a kind. It differs from most electric scooter boards in many respects. First and foremost, look at its design. It looks more like a unicycle than a scooter. But don’t worry! Learning how to ride this unique-looking electric scooter is no different and as easy as riding the boards we have featured above. And it even comes with training wheels, believe it or not! Solowheel’s top speed and range is 10 miles. It weighs only 24 pounds and it is the most compact “people mover” on the market. Solowheel has gyroscopic sensors, a 1,500-watt motor and a Lithium-ion battery which takes only an hour to recharge. It can take a maximum load of 220 lbs (99kg). When you go downhill or at a slower pace, Solowheel conserves battery energy. Another thing that we have to mention is that it is built like a tank. This thing is far from being fragile, and it won’t break or scratch easily. When you hop on the Solowheel, you can expect a lot of admiring comments and questions from passers-by. It is a novel concept and we bet that the majority of people have never seen anything like it.

BUY | $1,595

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