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The Lo-Ruiter Longboard | By Joey Ruiter

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Designer Joey Ruiter has already treated us with some cool products like the Growler City Bike and the Inner City Bike. Now, he has decided to dedicate his attention to the skateboard and this effort has resulted with the Lo-Ruiter Longboard. This board features innovative, futuristic design and it’s meant to resemble a hoverboard and …

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Segway Advanced Personal Robot | Personal Butler Of The Future

Hoverboards are pretty cool, but imagine a hoverboard that’s also your personal butler! The Segway Advanced Personal Robot is a project that’s being developed by Segway, Intel and Xiaomi. These three companies have teamed up to make a rideable robot that will also react to voice commands, see in the dark and have many more …

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ArcaBoard | The Future Of Transportation


Well, the 21st of October, 2015 came and passed and just as Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown from Back To The Future II predicted, hoverboards were invented. Well, many have tried and all of them encountered some problems. But one of the hoverboards shows promise. ArcaBoard is a hoverboard made by Arca Space Corporation …

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The Hoverboard is here to change the way you look at both commuting and the way electric skateboards can be designed. Very similar in design to the Onewheel Electric Skateboard, the Hoverboard offers incredible maneuverability and customization for an electric skateboard with just one wheel. The reason it’s called the Hoverboard in the first place, sadly, …

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If you ever watched Back to the Future Part II, you probably remember the famous scene with Marty McFly zipping around wheel-free on his cool hoverboard. And though it took engineers almost 20 years to follow up on this futuristic concept, the first real hoverboard seems to have finally arrived: meet Hendo, a unique design …

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