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The city of Hong Kong definitely has a lot to offer. Even though it seems that all the new and modern buildings and hotels tend to be sparkly and colorful, the TUVE Boutique Hotel offers exactly the opposite. It’s a brand new hotel with only 66 rooms and it was completed in 2015 by Design Systems. The hotel combines traditional Japanese minimalism and sophisticated modern features. Organic textures are combined with elements of industrial design with a perfect balance of concrete, marble and wood.

Now you have an oasis for an escape from multi-colored neon lights. The TUVE Boutique Hotel has definitely achieved “aesthetic, meaningful, and enduring spatial solutions” and is a true gem of modern design. From the very entrance to the hotel through the hallways and all the rooms with the tiniest details, the ambience is set to be mysterious, sophisticated and engaging. The steel gate entrance gives you the feeling of entering a medieval castle and the remarkable contrasts of light and darkness will emphasize that feeling.

TUVE Boutique Hotel street view entrance with a warehouse-like look and rusty doors.

This may not look like a hotel entrance but the goal was to offer something completely different.

TUVE Boutique Hotel front gate with a wide corridor and marble floor

The entry gate of the TUVE Boutique Hotel looks like an entrance into a medieval castle

Design Systems are an award-winning studio and their work in interior and industrial design has reached perfection in the TUVE Boutique Hotel. The spacious corridors are enriched with vertical and horizontal lines that add a focal point and the lobby is a special designer treat. The lighting in the lobby reproduces a black and white version of the city’s skyline at night while the reflective ceiling enhances the effect. Unlike some hotels, this facility focuses on the function as well as the form.

TUVE Boutique Hotel hallway with marble floor and black and grey textured walls.

The entire hotel design experiments with light and shadows and the horizontal and vertical lines add a focal point to the corridors

TUVE Boutique Hotel lobby with reflective ceiling.

The lighting in the lobby mimics the city skyline at night and the reflective ceiling enhances the effect

At TUVE, you’ll get that one-of-a-kind experience.The rooms are equipped with minimalist furniture and would seem a bit too formal if it wasn’t for the translucent glass to soften the appearance and brighten up the atmosphere. The black, white, and grey provide an elegant note, and this clean design is enriched with warm brown wood furniture. Compared with classic hotels, this boutique hotel gives you the feeling of stepping into another dimension, and it’s definitely a place to consider for an escape from the city rush. [via]

TUVE Boutique Hotel room interior, king size bed with white sheets and two pillows, in front of a grey concrete wall, with a black chair on the right.

This hotel offers an escape from the city rush and represents a calm oasis with a focus on function

TUVE Boutique Hotel room interior, a glass door, a small concrete wall, and a chair in front of the window.

The rooms have minimalist furniture and combined with translucent glass you get that heavenly feel

TUVE Boutique Hotel room interior, a large bed facing a window, surrounded with lampsm and a chair behind a small wall. Grey walls and ceiling.

The minimalist design and the elegant black, white, and grey colors are enriched with a warm brown note

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