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Segway miniPro | Self Balancing Smart Personal Transporter


We truly do live in exciting times and with all of the technological innovations taking place daily, we are seeing the way that we live radically transformed right in front of our eyes. For instance, leaps in electrical personal transportation, like the smart, self-balancing Segway miniPro. We are all familiar with the Segway but with …

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Segway Advanced Personal Robot | Personal Butler Of The Future

Hoverboards are pretty cool, but imagine a hoverboard that’s also your personal butler! The Segway Advanced Personal Robot is a project that’s being developed by Segway, Intel and Xiaomi. These three companies have teamed up to make a rideable robot that will also react to voice commands, see in the dark and have many more …

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Monorover R2 Electric Two Wheel Scooter


Cutting back on commuting time is probably a wish that every person has. Spending long hours on a subway, a bus or in a car doesn’t sound particularly appealing. Using a bicycle to get around is all right, but what if you live in a densely populated urban area with cars wherever you turn, bicycles …

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If you are a fan of the Segway, then you will flip out after taking one look at the Oxboard. The Oxboard uses similar gyroscope technology seen in the Segway but it abandons the armrest and lets you use it solely through shifting your body. As it is much smaller in size and without the …

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If you are looking for the ultimate skateboard, look no further than the IO Hawk. Featured at the prestigious International CES 2015 in Las Vegas, IO Hawk is an innovative combination of a skateboard and Segway and it is fun and weird at the same time. This is also a self-balancing personal transporter which attracted …

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