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Holiday season brings that inevitable hunt for presents. The shops are packed with people and, even though some people like that, many find that rush and crown unbearable.

However, this is also the time when various discounts draw even the biggest crowd-haters to malls. This is where we jump in.

Here we’ll present you with gift ideas for for men under $100. It doesn’t matter if your guy is a manly outdoor adventurer, keen athlete, hard-working businessman, lover of a nice drop or a fashion forward urban character, here you will find something for everyone and for a price that will not drain your wallet.

Gifts for Men Under $100 10


With washable ear cushions and headband, Zound Plug for immediate music sharing, fitted with a microphone and remote for instant call answering and song choosing, these are surprisingly cheap. Just these features would be enough for something that costs $47.41 on Amazon, but Humlan headphones also have a full range frequency response and 100dB sensitivity and they come in 10 different colors. What more can you ask for? $47 | BUY

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These headphones are immediately distinctive due to the fact that they are wireless. You can connect them to myriad devices such as smartphones, tablets and MP3 and MP4 players via Bluetooth. Of course, full range frequency response is a must. They are surprisingly compact, weighing only 0.5 ounces, comfortable, they have a tangle-free cable and they are even waterproof. Costing just $70 on Amazon, they are great for everyday use. $70 | BUY

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An outdoor aficionado and a music fan will love the Philips Soundshooter. It is portable, compact and beautifully designed, but it also boasts 2W of sound output. This grenade-looking thing is has a rubber outside cover that is great for outdoor protection. You can connect it using the 3.5mm Aux port, or Bluetooth technology that works well up to 30 feet of distance. You can get all this practicality and design for just $43 on Amazon. $43 | BUY

Gifts for Men Under $100


Not very stylish, but beer lovers will be blown away by this gift. This kit includes everything you might need to make your own pint – the mix of hops, grains and yeast, a glass fermenter, chambered airlock, glass thermometer, racking cane, screw cap stopper, tubing, tubing clamp and a packet of sanitizer that enables you to use the kit again. If you do not know what to use all of these for, there are also recipes to help you. For under $40 on Amazon, we have to say that this is a great gift. $40 | BUY

Gifts for Men Under $100 2


Continuing in the same direction, you might want to add this thing as well. The Chillsner cools you beer almost instantly, and keeps it that way until the last sip. Just keep the Chillsner in your freezer for 45 minutes before use and then put it inside your bottle. It also has a drink-through feature that doesn’t make it difficult to enjoy your beer with this inside. You can buy it on Amazon for just $29.95. And the best thing is that both the Beer Making Kit and the Chillsner together cost less than $100. $29 | BUY

Gifts for Men Under $100 5


Coming at $99 on Amazon, this strange looking product is amazingly useful. It enables you to have those refreshing power naps just about anywhere making napping in public places easy and, believe it or not, very comfortable and private. In addition, it is light and compact so you can carry it anywhere. $99 | BUY

Gifts for Men Under $100 4


Just barely making our list with the price of $100, these Leather Touchscreen Gloves make it possible for you to type in any weather comfortably. They work well with almost all smartphones on the market. Now, rubber gloves are not known to be very good for touchscreens, but the addition of nanotechnology enabled cotton crochet element changes all that. They are also very elegant, being made from Ethiopean lambsking with wonderful matte finish, while their insides are lined with cashmere. $100 | BUY

Gifts for Men Under $100 3


This iPhone case does not only protect the phone, but the owner as well, including a 650K Volt stun gun. It also has a safety switch that prevents accidental zap. When not zapping, the energy can be used to power an emergency charger. It also comes in several colors – black, white, pink and yellow. $88 | BUY

Gifts for Men Under $100 8


Another charger, but this one is for your car. This one differentiates from loads of other similar devices easily. It features a half-inch flat band that does not tangle. Ever. It also includes a USB port so you can use it to juice up two devices at the same time.  $24 | BUY

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Bitlock is a keyless bicycle lock. It is controlled using a smartphone app that enables you to keep it secured as well as share your bike with the people you trust. The lock is paired with an iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth and it automatically disengages when you are less than three feet away from the bike and automatically engages when you go away from it. The Bitlock also features GPS integration. This way you can find your bike on a map at any point. Additionally, you will get a notification if the battery is close to the end of its life. $79 | BUY

Gifts for Men Under $100 9


This is industrial coating that repels almost all liquids. The superhydrophobic and oleophobic substance coats an object, in a way that it creates a barrier of air on the surface repelling water, refine oil, wet concrete and most other liquids and it has self-cleaning, anti-contamination, anti-icing and anti-corrosive features and it is effective in temperature range of -34°C to 149°C. This truly revolutionary coating can be yours for just $58 on Amazon. $58 | BUY

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