Car chargers are not a new thing. They are virtually everywhere and their functionality and design are pretty straightforward. However, TYLT has managed to breathe new life into a pretty dull product and to definitely draw attention with their Band Car Charger.

Modern smartphones have loads of advantages, but all of them do come with a huge downside. Diverse functionality greatly decreased battery life. Having your mobile phone on for five days without recharging has become virtually impossible. So, having your charger around you at all times has become a must.

Technical Specs of the TYLT Micro USB Band Car Charger 7

Most car chargers have coiled, spring-like cords. The Band Car Charger’s features a flat band that is half an inch wide. The band will NOT tangle (thank you, TYLT) and, given the fact that it is available in four different colors, it will be visually different from most accessories you have in your car.

When the band is stretched out, it is 2 feet long, which is less than most other chargers, but should be enough. Also, it has an additional USB port so it can charge two devices simultaneously. The main charging connector can be Apple’s 30-pin or a standard Micro-USB one. The combination of the input of 12-24V and the output of 5V(10.5 Watts) together with 2.1 Amp is more than enough for rapid charging of two devices.

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TYLT Micro USB Band Car Charger 8

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