Yes, we know! You are sick and tired of everybody telling you what gifts you should buy for your family and friends for Christmas. You dread the frantic shoppers that ruin your shopping experience because they have waited for the very last moment to buy their gifts. You are constantly being bombarded by ‘good deals’, ‘special offers’, ‘buy two get one for free’….

We hear you and we sympathize with you and that’s why we have decided to do something different this year. Our site has been up and running for quite some time now and during that time we have written a myriad of interesting, practical, innovative, quirky, mind-blowing products.

What we have for you today is a list featuring the products you have been reading about on Jebiga which just might be what you are looking for in Christmas gifts for Men. As always, our goal is to cater to various personalities and tastes of our readers / followers and the list is as diverse as we have managed to make it. Let us know whether it has saved you some shopping time, effort and money. And relax into the upcoming holiday season! It’s time to let go and enjoy.

Blomus Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder

Blomus wall mounted wine bottle holder
Wine connoisseurs, this one is for you. Blomus Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder is an elegant, simple, contemporary bottle holder made from top quality brushed-finish stainless steel. It can hold up to eight bottles of wine at time. Because it has lined rings, it will hold bottles securely by the neck. Also, because the bottles are held sideways, the corks will remain most all the time. Designed by a German design company Floz Design for SKS Design (which own the Blomus brand), this stylish, gravity-defying, functional wall-mounted bottle holder is one of those universal gifts that would be perfect for any wine lover. BUY | $65.62

Swissvoice ePure Handset

Swissvoice ePure handset
Tech-geeks, we haven’t forgotten you. Swissvoice CH05-OG ePure handset has astonishing enhancements to bring your calling to the next level. Using Fulleco Technology, this handset redirects mobile phone electromagnetic emissions away from you and yet, still retains comfort of use due to its specific ergonomic design. The handset offers one-of-a-kind high definition voice quality and sporting a 3.5mm jack you can plug it into your mobile phone, PC or tablet so that you can use it to make and receive phone calls or even chat on Skype, Google Talk, and Facetime. BUY | $21.41

Rogue Sriracha Beer

Rogue Sriracha Beer
Yay, beer! But not just any beer. It is Rogue Sriracha Beer, a hot stout beer made of spicy and original Huy Fong hot chili sauce and high quality ingredients from Rogue Farms that have ripened in the sun. This is a dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. Sriracha Beer is a stout beer, so a special, fuller taste is guaranteed. It is a product of experimentation and creativity, of pushing the edge in beer tastes and flavors. And the final product is a mixture of your favorite beverage and hot chili sauce. BUY | $13

Awox Striimlight LED and Bluetooth Speaker

How about this for a gift? An innovative combination of LED lighting and wireless bluetooth music streaming called Awox Striimlight LED and Bluetooth Speaker. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows this light bulb to wirelessly communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices you have such as computers, MP3 players, smartphones and tablets. With this device you’ll get infrared remote control which enables you to access both main features of it – the light and the speaker. StriimLight 8W bulb uses a ring-shaped LED array to generate 475 Lumens with a beam angle of 120 degrees. BUY | $57

Honest Amish Beard Balm

Beard oil gift idea
We simply had to mention beard products. Haven’t you noticed that men have suddenly gone fuzzy? The following product comes highly recommended for beard and mustache wearers – it is Honest Amish Beard Balm. It is all natural, leave-in, vegan friendly beard balm that is made from organic oils and butters. It is also affordable, makes coarse and rogue hairs soft and manageable and stops the itch of new growth. The manufacturers of Honest Amish Beard Balm claim that this is the most trusted brand for beards in the worldBUY | $16.40

Breaking Bad Respect the Chemistry Mug

Breaking Bad Mug
We also had to pay homage to the one of the coolest TV shows ever – ‘Breaking Bad’ with this fantastic little product – ‘Respect the Chemistry’ mug. Made of borosilicate glass which is also used for making laboratory dishes, this is a durable light-weight cup that has both imperial and metric markings. Designed by Cool TV Props, the mug features one of the most memorable quotes by Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg (played by Bryan Cranston in the show) – “Respect the Chemistry”. Wouldn’t you say that this is a fantastic gift for chemistry teachers and students, Breaking Bad’s devotees or any budding scientist? BUY | $29.95

Versys VS.1 Flight Simulator

VERSYS VS-1 Flight Simulator
Martial arts masters, we haven’t forgotten you either. This fight simulator is probably already on your wish list. Versys VS.1 fight simulator is suited for a wide range of training sessions – from aerobic conditioning and endurance to speed and technique training. This is a multidisciplinary combat training device that can be used for boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and mixed martial arts and it engages the user’s entire body while simulating aerobic conditioning and enhancing fat burning. Versys VS.1 requires no hanging devices or accessories and no assembly and it comes with a pre-filled base. BUY | $249.99

Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman

Mob Rules by Louis Ferrante
How about some ‘light’ reading coming from a former Mafia associate who worked for the notorious Gambino family? Louis Ferrante wrote a book called ‘Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman’ in which he focuses on the leading skills of successful mobsters. The most influential members of Mafia have always been very good businessmen and Louis gives many examples of their admirable management techniques. He even gives advice on how to put them to use and apply them in a legit business, so spending about $20 for this book could pay off really soon if you manage to put his advice to use. BUY | $19.55

NCAA Court Rug

Milliken NCAA Court Rug
All you sport fanatics, basketball fans and even those of you that have a unique taste in home décor, we have something that you will love – it is NCAA Court Rug collection, manufactured by Milliken and featuring all of your favourite NCAA teams and courts; ranging from the Kansas Jayhawks and the Oklahoma Sooners to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Made with premium dyes you can rest assured that your NCAA Court Rug will never fade and you will always know where the three pointer line is. Treated with Alphasan Antimicrobial, the rugs have the highest form of mould protection so fear no bear spillage. BUY | $109+

TRX Home Suspension Trainer

TRX Trainer
It has been dubbed ‘the perfect workout machine’ and we can see why. TRX Home Suspension Trainer incorporates 300 different body exercises. Within only 30 minutes you can perform a total body workout, because it enables you to transmit from one to another body exercise in no time. All you have to do is attach TRX to an overhead anchor point that will support your body weight and from there you’re ready to start training right away. BUY | $188.08

Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis

Herb: Mastering the art of cooking with cannabis
Cannabis has been one of the buzz words this year with marijuana legalization spreading throughout the U.S. and the rest of the globe. We bet you have never contemplated using it in cooking. Why not give it a shot? Here’s a cookbook that will guide you through – Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking With Cannabis. Announced as ‘the best cannabis cuisine cookbook ever’, Herb brings you hundreds of mouth-watering recipes from The Stoners Cookbook, accompanied by comprehensive food prep instructions, some useful scientific facts about marijuana, vital info on using cannabis as medication, detailed cannabis extraction methods and tons of wonderful photos – all neatly arranged between the hard covers of a 200+ page cookbook. BUY | $37

Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need

Eat Like a Man cookbook
Another cookbook that has become a must have this year is Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need. This is not a mere book which contains a few recipes and ‘how to’ instructions, it will literally change your perspective towards how food preparing can really be fun and inspirational. The book contains 75 recipes and along with food essays where you can read all about good food and the reasons why you – the man – should cook. Also, you will no longer be without ideas for a late light dinner, early breakfast, delicious lunch with your friends and family or just a cool snack. BUY | $19.12

Sriracha 2 Go

Sriracha 2 Go
Earlier, we recommended you to try Rogue Sriracha Beer, and, while you are at it, why not also try a hot sauce called Sriracha 2 Go from the same producer? Packed inside a refillable 1.25 ounce bottle, Sriracha will go everywhere you go and it will always be close at hand since this miniature sauce package comes with a convenient hole at the top, so you can clip it onto your key chain, belt or backpack. Tiny enough to fit in your pocket or suitcase, Sriracha 2 Go will be ready to serve you whenever you need a shot of spiciness on top of your dish, for as long as you remember to refill it regularly. BUY | $7

Casa Aroma’s Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatheraphy diffuser gift idea
Don’t even get us started on the benefits of aromatherapy – it relieves stress, alleviates depression, manages pain, improves blood pressure, and promotes a good night’s sleep. Now you can have your own aromatherapy diffuser called Casa Aroma’s Genie Aromatherapy Diffuser. his little gadget emits 2.5 million ultrasonic vibrations per second while releasing the wonderful scent of refreshing essential oils into the air. Using Casa Aroma Genie Diffuser is almost effortless. Just add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and just relax and enjoy. BUY | $114.99

Pampa Zip MA-1 Boots

Pampa Zip MA-1 Palladium-and-Alpha Industries
A kick-ass boot for a kick-ass man sums up what Pampa Hi Zip MA-1 and Pampa Baggy Zip MA-1 boots are. Inspired by Alpha Industries flight jacket line, Palladium decided to use Alpha’s flight jacket nylon for their signature boots that ensures you have only the best. The boots’ bottom is a one-piece moulded rubber outsole created by Palladium with EVA cushioning for excellence in comfort and a signature rubber toe for style. Alpha Industries has gone one further and designed a limited edition flight jacket to compliment the boots that’s named aptly the City Explorer MA-1 flight jacket. BUY | $89.95

Kodak PixPro SP360 Action Camera

Kodak has always been and will always be synonymous with photography and they have a wonderful ace up their sleeve – Kodak PixPro SP360 Action Camera. Modeled in a cubic form with a dome lens placed at the top, this action camera is almost perfect in its design and compatibility. The fact that it can be controlled from distance with an android mobile phone or a PC only contributes more to its practicality. All that plus the 360° curved lens, 16 megapixel CMOS sensors, 10 frames per second multi-shooting option and motion detector. The camera is dustproof, shockproof up to 2m drop, water-resistant and it will not freeze at temperatures lower than – 10° C. BUY | $349

Tivoli Model One Radio

Tivoli Model One
Oh, the good old radios and the wonderful sound of yesteryear they produce. If you cannot stand the latest, hi-tech, sterile Hi-Fi’s, Tivoli has the perfect radio for you called Model One Radio. This is high performance table radio with fantastic sound reproduction in a handmade wood cabinet. The radio’s FM tuner will do wonders for reception and clarity while its 3” throw driver ensures excellent tonal balance and bas response. The perfect combination of ‘old’ and ‘new’ school. BUY | $126.20

Bialetti Stovetop Coffee Maker

Bialetti coffee maker
Last but not least, coffee addicts, we have something for you too. Bialetti Stovetop Coffee Maker has a recognizable eight-sided shape which ensures that heat is evenly diffused in the percolator which, in turn, augments the aroma of your coffee. It produces full-bodied, delicious coffee in only a few minutes. All you need to do is to fill the percolator with cold water, add coffee (do not compress it), heat at a very low heat (it will take about 10 minutes for the coffee to boil) and the moment the coffee reaches the top of the percolator remove from heat. BUY | $29

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