Calling the Garmin D2 a pilot watch is not just marketing. This watch will be too much for a regular guy, nice addition for an outdoor enthusiast – even though he would probably have more use of the Garmin Tactix, which is a bit more expensive, but simply perfect gift for a pilot.

The D2 includes loads of features that a pilot will find useful. For example, there is a 3-axis tilt-compensated compass and regulating barometer and altimeter with alarm that informs you when you reach the altitude that you previously set as your goal. The temperature information the watch gives you can come from an external sensor wirelessly which is a great feature and significantly different from other temperature reading watches that tell you the figure for the room you’re in.

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Of course, coming from Garmin, the D2 is GPS enabled – more precisely, it features a WAAS GPS high-sensitivity receiver. In addition, it includes a comprehensive map of airports in the world and a basic, but easily readable, moving map that helps you follow your route without difficulty. In case you have some problems up in the air, you will not need to perform any complicated settings of the watch, because a simple press of a button instantly provides direct route to a specific airport, or, if the going really gets rough, to the nearest one.

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Apart from these preloaded features, the Garmin D2 also enables you to save up to, 50 routes, 1,000 waypoints and it includes a track log for 10,000 points and 100 saved tracks. This should really be more than enough.

The small, but very legible display is customizable – you can opt for GPS ground speed, distance to a specific airport of selected waypoints, ETA, compass bearing, glide ratio and many more.

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Another very useful feature is the D2’s connectivity with two other Garmin products – the Garmin Pilot app that enables you to create flight plans and select waypoints and later upload them to the watch, and the VIRB action camera which the D2 can control remotely.

With the Garmin D2 you will also get a USB cable, an AC adapter and a free trial of the Garmin Pilot for 6 months.

All this comes in a surprisingly compact package with sturdy build and wonderful leather strap and the dimensions of 4.9 x 4.9 x 1.7 cm and weight of just 82 g.

However, there is one expected downside. You see, with all this functionality and various features, the battery of any similar watch would need to be charged a lot more often than with simple time and date telling watches. The same goes for the D2. Still, with the autonomy of 50 hours in GPS mode, 2 weeks in sensor mode and 5 weeks in watch mode, you are bound to run out of fuel in your plane before the battery dries out.

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Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

Garmin D2 Pilot Watch with GPS

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