Having in mind that many physical aspects of contemporary life have become less important, electrical engineer Mehrdad Majzoobi created the BitLock – the bike lock that is controlled using a smartphone application that takes security and sharing your bicycle to a whole new level.

The designer says:

In most peer to peer sharing, there’s the hassle of sending a physical key. I was connecting all the different dots–the security aspects, the sharing economy, the social layer of access.

And he truly did this. The lock is made of steel that is heat-treated and this firm construction houses a processor and an electronic locking system that is paired with an iOS or Android phone through Bluetooth. When the said phone gets less than three feet away from the bike, the lock automatically disengages allowing the owner to use the bike immediately, or, when the user walks away, it automatically engages and locks he bike. This is, of course, under the condition that the app is running and that the Bluetooth connection is on. If you wish to keep another option available, the lock can also be controlled manually using the app on your phone.


Another perk is the GPS integration. It allows you to pinpoint the location of your bike on a city map, making it very easy to get back to it, but even more so to share the location of your bike with other people you feel are reliable enough to let into one of the groups you created. They only need the app.


The battery is said to be good enough for 10,000 actions, and there is no fear that it will drain without your knowledge, since you will get the notification on your phone.

Lock and unlock button of the BITLOCK KEYLESS BICYCLE LOCK

If you wish to get the BitLock, you can do this if you support their Kickstarter campaign for just $79, or wait to see if they will reach their goal and pay the estimated retail price of $140. [via]

Mobile smartphone app for the Bitlock

Mobile smartphone app for the Bitlock

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