Ultra-Ever Dry is a coating that completely repels almost any liquid. This superhydrophobic and oleophobic substance coats an object, in a way that it creates a barrier of air on the surface, using the proprietary nanotechnology.

Ultra-Ever Dry rejects substances, such as water, refined oil, wet concrete and other liquids. Apart from that, it has self-cleaning, anti-contamination, anti-icing and anti-corrosive ability.

This coating is applied with a spray gun. Allegedly, one coat of Ultra-Ever Dry lasts from two to eight months in outdoor conditions, even in direct sunlight. It is claimed that Ultra-Ever Dry is effective in temperature range of -34°C to 149°C.

Anti-corrosion: The superhydrophobic coating prevents the contact between water and moisture and the base material, giving the maximum corrosion protection.

Anti-icing: Since the coating keeps object absolutely dry, there is no chance of creating the ice on the object’s surface.

Anti-wetting: The superhydrophobic coating repels water and other liquids from the object, keeping it dry.

Anti-contamination: The contact between object and dust, dirt, bacteria and radiation is prevented by the Ultra-Ever Dry coating, so the contamination is highly diminished.

Product Life Extending: The Ultra-Ever Dry coating prevents many products to be damaged by oil, moisture, dirt, corrosion, ice and other factors, increasing their life span in such a way.

Self-cleaning: Since the Ultra-Ever Dry rejects dirt and bacteria from objects, they stay bacteria-free and clean.

Ultra-Ever Dry is non-flammable, so it can be used indoors, as well as outdoors. Two-part coating of Ultra-Ever Dry gives matte and transparent white color to treated surfaces. watch video below

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Gloves treated with Ultra Ever Dry - Waterproofing Industrial Coating

Ultra Ever Dry - Waterproofing Industrial Coating

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