In order to get through that last mile or two of commuting when you’re in a rush to get to work, Chinese product designer Wang Yixing decided to make certain innovations to the traditional scooter design to make it more compact and more easily obtainable. His No. 5065 Scooter can be collapsed down in a tubular form which measures 50 cm x 6.5 cm, allowing you to store it in your backpack or just carry it around with little to no effort. When the need to use it arises, the scooter easily transforms from its tubular form into a regular scooter, ready to be taken on a short ride around town.

No. 5065 Scooter ease of use

The No. 5065 Scooter is geared for that “last mile” of transportation you need to make when commuting

Yixing, however, didn’t stop there with his innovations and, because of the surprisingly small dimensions of the collapsed scooter, had an idea to allow interested people to get a No. 5065 straight from a vending machine as you would a candy bar or a can of soda. This would allow potential customers to obtain one in a matter of seconds, when the need to cover a certain distance in a short amount of time is of the greatest importance.

No. 5065 Scooter compactness

Because it’s so compact, you can carry it around without an effort and have it ready in a couple of seconds

The brilliance of Yixing’s idea was recognized by Red Dot, when his product received an honorable mention during the 2014 Red Dot Awards. It may not be an actual award, but receiving an honorable mention from Red Dot, who do so only for the best in business and product design, is a pretty big deal. And how could it not? It’s a scooter bought directly from a vending machine. Simply amazing. [via]

No. 5065 Scooter vending machine

No. 5065 Scooter would be available to purchase from a vending machine, making it accessible exactly when you need it

Check out a short video presentation about how this scooter concept would work below.

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