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Unu Motors | Smart Fully Electric Scooter


Some time ago, we wrote an article about why you should consider going electric. Well, it would seem that the world is really changing towards a fully electric standpoint. Electric vehicles are becoming more dependable, cheaper, and they have longer ranges. For instance, the Unu Electric Scooter gives us a simple, yet effective, urban transportation …

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Sbyke P-20 Rear-Steering Scooter


Sbyke P-20 is a hybrid of a scooter, bike and a skateboard. It has a front BMX wheel with alloy rim, a wide board and a rear-steering technology. Everything about it is designed to make your ride smooth and give you the stability of a bike ride but also leaves a lot of space for you to …

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Freedom | Electric Stand Up Trike | By Trikke


Electric vehicles are one of the greatest inventions of our time. The first thing that comes to mind may be electric cars, but this trend isn’t just present among the four wheel vehicles. This amazing Stand-Up Scooter “Freedom” by Trikke is the newest and coolest way to move through town. Over the past 15 years, …

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Gauswheel Spirit | 2 Wheel Unicycle

You want something with the stability of a bicycle, but smaller? You want something like a skateboard or a scooter, but faster? Well, the Hungarians created exactly that. The Gauswheel Spirit is the perfect combination of those three. It’s made for an urban environment and although it may seem like a unicycle it has two …

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In order to get through that last mile or two of commuting when you’re in a rush to get to work, Chinese product designer Wang Yixing decided to make certain innovations to the traditional scooter design to make it more compact and more easily obtainable. His No. 5065 Scooter can be collapsed down in a …

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Monorover R2 Electric Two Wheel Scooter


Cutting back on commuting time is probably a wish that every person has. Spending long hours on a subway, a bus or in a car doesn’t sound particularly appealing. Using a bicycle to get around is all right, but what if you live in a densely populated urban area with cars wherever you turn, bicycles …

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In countries where a scooter is the main means of transportation, which is the case in Taiwan, arises the need for more eco-friendly, reliable and cheaper types of scooters. This is precisely why Gogoro, a venture-backed company, is testing and placing its electric scooter on the Taiwanese market first. Gogoro has created the Smartscooter, an electric scooter …

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If you’re trying to keep balance and cycling on a unicycle proved too difficult for you, then fret not, there is a modern take on a unicycle which, essentially, turns it into a unconventional electric powered scooter geared towards short-distance urban commutes. Chinese manufacturer Ninebot calls their invention One and it utilizes an intelligent system which balances …

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We are all aware that mopeds are primarily used just to get you to your destination in the most painless way possible and most of them aren’t that spectacular in terms of design. Unless your moped is the Meijs Motorman Electric Moped. This moped is everything an urban transporter should be: stylish, convenient, environmentally friendly …

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If you are a fan of the Segway, then you will flip out after taking one look at the Oxboard. The Oxboard uses similar gyroscope technology seen in the Segway but it abandons the armrest and lets you use it solely through shifting your body. As it is much smaller in size and without the …

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