Lately, we have witnessed the process of redefining a lot of traditional rides, like skateboards, bicycles and motorbikes, by adding an electric motor to them. Because of this, we are going to show you an absolutely spectacular motorbike called the Bolt M1. Granted, this motorbike is a hybrid of a regular motorbike and a bicycle, which, in our humble opinion, is an excellent thing, because of one amazing benefit pedals bring to the mix. As this is an electric motorbike, the pedals will allow you to go the extra mile and make sure your battery doesn’t die on you while riding the M1.

Riding Modes and Range

Bolt M1 performance

The Bolt M1 has two riding modes which will allow you to achieve up to 20 and 30 mph

The Bolt M1 Electric motorbike has pretty amazing performance specs. It’s important to note that it has two different riding modes: Economy and Sport. With the Economy, you’ve probably guessed it, you can ride for a greater distance but you get a limit to your maximum speed output. You will be limited to 20 mph but your range will go up to 50 miles. This is more than enough for most places you have to visit during the day. And if you want more speed, there is always the Sport mode which can achieve 40 mph but lowers your overall range to 30 miles. Still this means very little, because if you happen to run out of juice, simply start using those pedals to get you where you want to be.

Battery and Smartphone Support

Bolt M1 battery

With the quick-release feature, you can unhook your battery and charge it wherever you like

The battery this electric bike uses is, definitely, its best part. Equipped with a quick-release feature, you can take it with you and charge it wherever you want, at home or at your office. As for the charge itself, you have the option to choose between 2 charging modes: quick-charge and maintenance charge. The quick charge will bring the power level to 90% capacity in only 1.5 hours which is amazing, but the safer option is the maintenance charge which will bring it to 100%, the only downside to this charging mode being the time it takes to do so, as it requires 5 long hours.

Bolt M1 smartphone support

This electric bike has its very own mobile app and it can charge your smartphone as well

The Bolt M1 comes with a Bluetooth supported mobile app which will allow it to work with your smartphone and allow you to protect the access to your bike with a pass-code. Apart from that, a USB port will let you charge your phone on this bike so your much needed smart device never runs out of juice. Because this is an electric motorbike and bicycle hybrid, most US states require no licence, registration or insurance to use it. Now, this is excellent because all you have to do is buy the bike and enjoy your new and extremely convenient urban transporter.

Rides like the Bolt M1 are aiming to redefine urban commutes and they are doing so with much success. They are very fast, easy to handle, offer smartdevice support, and they will never require you to fill up the tank and change the oil. Not to mention that they are eco-friendly which is an absolutely fantastic bonus to the entire deal.

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