We are all aware that mopeds are primarily used just to get you to your destination in the most painless way possible and most of them aren’t that spectacular in terms of design. Unless your moped is the Meijs Motorman Electric Moped. This moped is everything an urban transporter should be: stylish, convenient, environmentally friendly and fun to use. It was designed in order to circumvent traffic jams as most large cities are plagued by this issue. Newly produced mopeds and other electric vehicles aim for that modern awe inspiring look and whole set of different features. The Meijs Motorman, however, aims for simplicity. It has no pedals, and features an industrial retro look. It offers very little in terms of versatility, but performs its main function perfectly.

Mejis Motorman retro look

Both the design and the way it operates is very simple and straightforward

Meijs Motorman is powered by a lithium polymer battery housed where a fuel tank would normally be. With a charging time of 6 hours, this electric vehicle can run for 43 miles with a top speed of 28 mph. You may not be able to make a cross country trip with it, but it wasn’t designed for those purposes. It is perfect for urban commuters, who are fed up with traffic and are looking for transport which won’t further increase carbon emission.

Mejis Motorman battery life

The battery of the Meijs Motorman will allow you to ride up to 43 miles

It retro design and minimalist features were not abandoned even when it came to the way you operate and charge it. The plug is concealed beneath the fuel tank and all you have on the steering head are the speedometer and two buttons, one for the headlight and the other for the horn.

Mejis Motorman customization

An example of the level of customization you take take with the Meijs Motorman

This moped is available in two base models: the Jet Black and Ruby Red which are priced at $5.212. You also have the option of customizing the colors of the Motorman should you purchase one, but you will be charged for this service, of course. If you live in an urban zone, this electric vehicle will pay off in the long run as it costs less than two cents per mile to operate it.

Check out Meijs Motorman’s promotional video.

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