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In countries where a scooter is the main means of transportation, which is the case in Taiwan, arises the need for more eco-friendly, reliable and cheaper types of scooters. This is precisely why Gogoro, a venture-backed company, is testing and placing its electric scooter on the Taiwanese market first. Gogoro has created the Smartscooter, an electric scooter which uses changeable batteries as a power source and which boasts many high end features, from engine performance, appearance customization and the scooter’s “smart” features. Along with the scooter, Gogoro is launching its Energy Network in the form of GoStations, which are battery charging stations from which you will take a fresh pair of batteries when you have to.

The Smartscooter Features

Gogoro Smartscooter performance

The Smartscooter is capable of achieving 0 to 50 km/h in 4.2 seconds and maximum speed of 95 km/h

Because most people are skeptical about the road performance of electric bikes, we will start with the specs of the Smartscooter’s powertrain. This scooter is capable of achieving 0 to 50 km/h in 4.2 seconds and has the maximum speed of 95 km/h. For an urban transportation vehicle, this is pretty great, and anything else would be over the top for a scooter which is geared towards convenience and reliability first. The second most important thing is the range it is capable to achieve. If you ride at 40 km/h, this scooter can go for over 100 km in distance without need to swap batteries. And when you take into consideration that it has 0 carbon emmissions, this scooter can easily be worth buying.

Gogoro Smartscooter engine

Smarscooter’s engine is easily accessible and quite powerful for an urban transportation vehicle

According to Gogoro’s official website, the colors schemes of their Smartscooter are entirely up to you. You can choose whichever color combo you like and you can even change the colors of the dashboard and the sounds the scooter makes whenever you like. The last few changes can be made via the Smatscooter’s companion app which has quite a few features. Apart from the customization options, you can track your rides on the app and after hitting the “smart” button, the scooter will gather data on your rides and deliver them to your phone so you can learn to plan your rides better and conserve battery power. You can also check whether there are GoStations (read more below) in driving range so you can reserve a battery set for yourself.

Gogoro Energy Network and GoStations

Gogoro Smartscooter Energy Network

Smartscooter users will be able to change their batteries on a GoStation, which is a battery charging station

The platform which will accompany the Smartscooter is the Gogoro Energy Network which comes in the form of GoStations. The business model which Gogoro will employ is that of a monthly subscription fee for the use of their battery charging stations. Some of you may not like this as it forces you to deal with the company even after purchasing their vehicle, but this could prove to be a good service because Gogoro offers a lot of other services for their would-be customers. Some of them include 24 h road service in case of a malfunction and complete expert-level Smartscooter maintenance.

Gogoro Smartscooter smart button

After hitting the smart button, data regarding your rides will be delivered to your phone so you can improve the distance which you can cover without changing batteries

During the testing phase in Taiwan, the Smartscooter was well received, however it is still unknown if this scooter will be accepted on a larger scale. Taiwanese residents will be able to pre-order a Smartscooter from June 27th, and in time, we will be able to see how satisfied customers will be with both the scooter and Gogoro’s services.

Check out this promo video about the Smartscooter.

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