The Hoverboard is here to change the way you look at both commuting and the way electric skateboards can be designed. Very similar in design to the Onewheel Electric Skateboard, the Hoverboard offers incredible maneuverability and customization for an electric skateboard with just one wheel. The reason it’s called the Hoverboard in the first place, sadly, doesn’t come from actual hovering, it comes from the way riding one makes you feel because it’s just as smooth as hovering would be. The Hoverboard uses an advanced drive unit placed in its only central wheel to offer an easy way to ride across town.

The Drive Unit and Specs

Hoverboard speed

The Hoverboard is capable of achieving speeds up to 20 mph

At the core of the Hoverboard lies the “Drive Unit” which is essentially a removable module consisted of a Brushless Direct-Current servomotor, bearings and position sensors. This bad boy allows you to achieve speeds of up to 20 mph and commute from home to work in a very different way. It’s also pretty light, weighing only 25 lbs, so you can easily carry it around when you can’t ride it. The bulk of its size is located in the center, as that’s where the “Drive Unit” is. The board however has its own features which cover the needs for safety, alarms and additional sensors which help smooth the ride.

Hoverboard sonar sensors

If you come across a bumpy road, the board’s sonar sensors will even itself out and make the ride better

As for its range and charging, the Hoverboard dominates most electric skateboards here. It has a range of 15-20 miles and with its Supercharger feature, the Hoverboard can be up and running in just 16 minutes. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, the entire board was designed around user serviceability, which means that all of its components can be easily disassembled, changed or repaired; all you need is to order the parts you need.

Riding and Customization

Hoverboard app

The app allows you to customize the board and lock it for safety reasons

This electric skateboard has no need for a controller as its drivetrain does all the work. The board is even equipped with a ground contacting sonar sensor which is there to help smooth the ride by adapting the board level to the conditions on the road. In case of a bumpy road, this feature will make the ride much more enjoyable. You control the board by simply tilting forwards to accelerate and backward to decelerate (take a look at this video for a better understanding of how it works).

Hoverboard board overview

Thee actual board is equipped with some very nice features

The Hoverboard also has a companion app which lets you change its appearance somewhat and lock it for safety reasons. The LED lighting located on both ends of the board, one on the lower side of the wheel and across the actual board are there to make you more visible and you have the option of changing the color of the lights. It was also equipped with on-board Bluetooth speakers so you can set a soundtrack to your rides or just use them for sound warnings while riding.

Unique in every way, the Hoverboard offers too much to pass out on if alternative ways of commuting are something you’re looking into. You can be one of the very few people in the world to own one if you support its Kickstarter campaign and be a bit patient since it starts to ship out next year.

Check out the Hoverboard’s Kickstarter promo video.

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