There are numerous reasons for winter enthusiasts to be happy this year, as great winter equipment seems to be popping out of the woodwork this season. This is also the case with the MK. II goggles by Bosky as these are modern goggles for a modern world.

The MK. II was highly anticipated among the skiing and snowboarding crowd. Why? Well, because these goggles aren’t your run-of-the-mill snow goggles. The frame of the MK. II is made from a plant-based urethane and the vents are tear resistant Japanese hemp finely woven into the goggles. To ensure absolute comfort, these goggles utilize a non-toxic 100% recycled Polartec fleece face cushioning. When you use goggles sometimes for several hours at a time, it really matters that the materials used in production are natural and safe. In this case you don’t have to worry that the goggles you are using contain synthetic materials which might be bad for your health or the environment.

Bosky MK. II goggles carrying case

The MK. II is available in 6 different colors: white, red, black, blue and tribal and wood patterns. With this choice you can adapt your goggles to your personal style. However, simply picking the color seems a bit underwhelming for high quality goggles. These goggles offer you even more choices. Depending on the visibility and weather conditions you ski or snowboard in, you can pick from 6 different lens types: blue cobalt, clear ice, green amber, silver chrome, red fusion and gold chrome.

Bosky MK. II goggles colors

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the importance of lens types in snow goggles should know that different lenses offer different levels of VLT (Visible Light Transmission) which is important if you want to keep your visibility levels optimal. One feature common for all lens types is that they are dual spherical lenses which provide you with 100% UV protection along with anti-glare technology. The MK. II frame is also available in two different types: standard and Asian fit.

Bosky MK. II goggles lenses

If you are looking to buy a new pair of high quality snow goggles, look no further because apart from being very well made these goggles won’t hurt you financially as some goggles would.

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Bosky MK. II goggles with Japanese hemp

Bosky MK. II goggles

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