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Torch Coat Heater | Enjoy The Beauty Of Winter Without The Cold


With winter in full effect, chances are that there have been a few days where you have gotten cold. In those days, we bet that you wished that your coat, or jacket, was just a tad warmer. Well, luckily for us, we can finally, through technology, control the temperature of our coats. This is all …

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We Found The 15 Best Winter Boots For Men Out There


With winter approaching, you would want to make sure you get the best shoes possible. That means they have to keep your feet warm and dry in harsh conditions. They should be comfortable no matter how long you wear them. If you choose some of the winter boots from our list, you’ll have all of …

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Men’s Phase 15 Snowboard Boots | By DC Shoes


As our beloved Ned Stark always said – Winter is coming, and the fun snowy activities come with it. Snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports in the world, and you can’t ride the board without the good boot. A few days ago we talked about the Top 30 snowboarding boots for men …

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from $420.99|

From Canada Goose comes their latest jacket model, the Hybridge Lite Jacket which is made with the harshest weather conditions in mind. This company has proudly manufactured jackets for extreme weather exclusively in Canada for quite some time because of their commitment to keep their craftsmanship at the highest level. And how better to do …

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There are numerous reasons for winter enthusiasts to be happy this year, as great winter equipment seems to be popping out of the woodwork this season. This is also the case with the MK. II goggles by Bosky as these are modern goggles for a modern world. The MK. II was highly anticipated among the skiing and snowboarding crowd. …

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Heat 3 Smart Gloves


From the Heat Company, an Austrian based company which specializes in manufacturing warming products, come the Heat 3 Smart gloves. Apart from keeping your hands extremely warm,  these gloves come with a number of other perks. Unlike many other modern gloves which are designed for extreme weather, the Heat 3 Smart gloves are not equipped …

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