Forcite Alpine Smart Snow Sports Helmet has been dubbed as the ‘world’s first smart snow helmet’, Alpine has all it takes to turn your slope-hurtling sessions into a super-safe snow-borne escapade – and it also looks mighty trendy, comfortable and versatile all around, too.

Forcite smart snow helmet

Featuring a front camera with a wide-angle 160-degree lens with image stabilization capacities that can capture Full HD 1080p footage and 120fps video clips and a rugged-looking WiFi- and Bluetooth-compatible noise-canceling microphone to let you chat away with your loved ones as you’re conquering the snow, Forcite Alpine Helmet is truly a state-of-the-art tech masterpiece in the snow sports gear lineup. On top of the innovative cam and mic capacities, Alpine also packs a handy altimeter to keep track of your heights and performance on the snow, a pair of stereo speakers to stream music directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth connection, and there’s also a set of onboard motion sensors and emergency beacon that will automatically deliver your exact GPS location info to the rescuers in case of intense impact or on-slope collision. In case you get lost in the snow, you can also turn it on manually and plop your weight down until the rescue team to arrive with their loyal St. Bernards and tempting brandy barrels.

Forcite Alpine smart snow helmet camera

On top of these neat features, Alpine helmet will ship with a set of bright OLED fog lights to keep you safe even on evening ski and snowboard sessions, and its reliable battery should deliver 6-8 hours of snow-borne fun. And last but not the least, the latest Forcite snow helmet will be delivered to you with the onboard Alpine AI and special companion application that allows you to control all helmet features wirelessly. In case you don’t want to fiddle around with the apps, screens and all, you can always turn to the large quick access buttons for action control help. Due to go on sale in 2015, Forcite Alpine Helmet is definitely a must-have for any avid sportsman looking to take their snow-carving sessions to a whole new level – and a more enjoyable one, too. [viawatch video below

Forcite Alpine smart snow helmet

Forcite Alpine smart snow helmet with hd camera

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