Smith Optics created the I/O Recon Goggles that enable you to enjoy the complete world of relevant information on the go. Having next generation of GPS and Bluetooth MOD Live technology integrated in the I/O makes this product surprisingly comprehensive.

The mentioned MOD Live technology integrates various information and presents it to you literally right before your eyes. This way you can learn about things such as speed, vertical, jump analytics, distance, altitude, exact location and so on. The functionality of the I/O Recon Goggles is further enhanced through Bluetooth thus enabling it to be connected to most smartphones.

Pairing with your smartphone enables you to view calls and read messages while you are skiing, for example. This feature is so useful and easy to use, that you will be able to receive information quickly and, most importantly, safely.

Snow Goggles with MOD Live technology and GPS

Jump analytics feature on the Recon goggles is also great. You will get precise information about distance, amplitude and airtime. Great for bragging afterwards. The speed values you will see in front of you come from the data received from the GPS and combined with the ones about the barometric pressure, which means that you will see precisely how fast you were going. The GPS we mentioned is, understandably, further utilized to work as real time navigation. This way you can learn loads of things about your favorite runs as well as find your way around and the POIs without any problems.

Smith Optics I/O Recon Goggles with MOD Live technology

In case you get separated from the rest of the crew, you can easily see where they are through the feature that is called Buddy Tracking. It will show you where they are in real time so you can safely reunite.

It was kind of expected, but still worth a mention, that you will be able to enjoy your favorite music as you ride, as well as keep full control even while going down the slopes.

Snow Goggles with MOD Live technology and GPS

The Goggles themselves feature a quick release lens system and the lens with TLT Optics and patented Vaporator Lens Technology with Porex™ Filter. Inner lens is 5X Anti-Fog, which is extremely useful for a product that has to perform well in extreme weather conditions. This is why it does not surprise us that the I/O Recon Goggles are helmet compatible.

Coming at just under $650 the I/O Recon Goggles are not cheap, but having in mind all the features that are available, they can hardly be described as overpriced.

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