Equipment in ski sports went through all sorts of changes over the past decades, especially when it comes to snowboard boots. Every brand offers something new, something better every year.  People are naturally cautious when buying these types of products because they don’t want to end up regretting.

The Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots are one of the most reliable boots out there for a lot of reasons. First of all, they were made with a little bit of help from the snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones. There is no better man for the job then a person who makes a living by freeriding in snowboarding boots every day.

Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots

These boots were made with the help of Jeremy Jones, a professional snowborder. 

The MTB is the perfect combination of flexible hiking boots and professional snowboard boots that will give you much flexibility. Most of the earlier models were too stiff, and that is a good thing while riding a board, but as every snowboarder knows, sometimes you have to walk across some awkward and uneven surfaces, and that is where this boot shows its quality. Jeremy Jones created a “walk mode” switch on the back side of the boot, that allows snowboarder to move freely when he detaches from the board.

Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots

The ‘walk mode’ switch on the back of the boot will help you move better.

Also, one of the most original and useful features so far is the lace cover. Jeremy Jones personally had a lot of trouble with his laces freezing, so he sometimes had to, as he says, sleep with his boots on. This waterproof lace cover is brilliantly designed to prevent laces getting wet and freezing in sub-zero temperatures. The very design of the boot is stunning. Simple, but powerful combination of the dominant black with little yellow stripes at the bottom of the boot.

Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots

These boots are made to give both support and comfort.

During your ride, The MTB Snowboard Boots offer incredible comfort and support. The great thing about them is that when you detach your board they immediately transform into very stylish and elegant hiking boots, so you don’t have to change your footwear right after you finish snowboarding. You can just casually activate the walking mode and pop a beer at the bar.

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