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Oh, to be noticed on a ski track and impress some fine women out there. You have bought the best gear possible, you have perfected your slalom moves and you are in the mood, but, alas, you fall short of the desired result – namely getting noticed on the slopes. Unless… You are prepared to go a bit weird and try one of these – Beardski Ski Masks. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you; these are quality ski masks with an artificial beard attached to it. With this, we guarantee that you are going to be a hit on the slopes.

Beardski Ski Masks will not only get you plenty of attention but will also protect your ears, face and neck from the snow and bitterly cold wind as you go down the ski slope. The mask is made with vented neoprene mouth and chin, while its thermal fleece neck provides plenty of protection and warmth. Don’t worry if the mask gets wet during skiing since they are water resistant. They also have a great fit thanks to their adjustable flats. All Beardski masks come with premium quality silk backing and they are washable and non-flammable.

Beardski ski mask black beard

Don’t be sidetracked by the funny character of these masks because they are seriously well-made. Actually, they are on par with most ski masks out there. They are comfortable and warm and they don’t fog up. Also, the beard will not impair your visibility in any way.

Beardski ski mask

And don’t get us started on a myriad of styles that Beardski has prepared for you – Viking, Santa Claus, Rastafarian, Easy Rider, Zeke, Hunter, Black Pearl… The list goes on and on. Heck, there is even one that will make you look like Chubaka, if you are into that kind of stuff. Beardski made sure that there are masks for all tastes out there, regardless of how peculiar they might be.

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Beardski ski mask

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