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Slalom House | Residential Building With Outdoor Ski Slope | Astana, Kazakhstan

Slalom House was designed by Shokhan Mataibekov Architects. This amazing residential building with a 1,000-foot artificial outdoor ski slope is planned to be constructed in Astana, Kazakhstan. The slope will be made from artificial snow called ‘Snowflex’ that’s simulates the slip and grip effects of real snow and is accessible in summer months. Even though winters in …

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SNOGO | Bicycle Style Skiing

from $1300|

For all snow-sports enthusiasts out there, there’s a new way to enjoy the trails. SNOGO combines skiing with mountain biking to give you new exciting experiences. With its 3-blade platform, it will give you a stable and reliable ride. The skis are designed to perform great in any snow condition. You’ll have all the control while …

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Top 30 Snowboarding Boots For Men (PART 1)


Finding the right snowboard boots can be real tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for. If you are a rookie in snowboarding, or if you just know too much about these boots to be realistic, we are here to help you decide this winter. Out of dozens of boots that came out …

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Equipment in ski sports went through all sorts of changes over the past decades, especially when it comes to snowboard boots. Every brand offers something new, something better every year.  People are naturally cautious when buying these types of products because they don’t want to end up regretting. The Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots are one …

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Forcite’s idea for the Alpine Smart Helmet for winter sports was born in 2012 when the company’s cofounders realized just how much additional gear people bring to the slopes. If you wanted to listen to some tunes, communicate with friends and capture footage of your awesome moves, you needed up to an extra kilo of …

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When it comes to ski and snowboarding gear, we have you pretty much covered with the products we have been featuring in the last month or so – snow goggles, back protectors, snowboarding footwear, and even bearded ski masks. This time around we are showcasing a really cool, simple and elegant ski helmet produced by …

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from $23.75|

Oh, to be noticed on a ski track and impress some fine women out there. You have bought the best gear possible, you have perfected your slalom moves and you are in the mood, but, alas, you fall short of the desired result – namely getting noticed on the slopes. Unless… You are prepared to …

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Smith Optics created the I/O Recon Goggles that enable you to enjoy the complete world of relevant information on the go. Having next generation of GPS and Bluetooth MOD Live technology integrated in the I/O makes this product surprisingly comprehensive. The mentioned MOD Live technology integrates various information and presents it to you literally right …

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The Douchebag | Ski And Snowboard Bag


Jon Olsson is a professional freeskier and ski racer who spends most of the year following his passion. This kind of dedication requires loads of travelling and carrying expensive and cumbersome equipment around. Such extensive experience brought about the creation of the Douchebag – probably the best ski and snowboard bag on the market at …

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