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Stiga USA Snowracer | SX Pro Snow Sled


Chances are, as snowfalls reach your area, you have been itching to get out there and hit some slopes. Perhaps you already have, or perhaps you have been waiting for something to entice you. Well, if you were waiting for that something, we have it right here. Introducing the SX Pro Snowracer by Stiga USA. …

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Burton | Ripcord Snowboard 2016 Edition


With snow already having fallen in some parts of the world, and the first snows falling today in others, we’re sure that you want to get out there and snowboard some fresh powder. Well, if you don’t have a snowboard, do not fret, because we have just what you need! Introducing Burton’s Ripcord 2016 Edition Snowboard! …

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Voyager Goggles | By Zeal


If you’re going skiing or snowboarding, you’ll need some good snow goggles to protect your eyes from the wind and snow as well as from the UV rays and nasty falls. The Zeal Voyager Goggles offer all of this and much more. Enjoy all the perks of winter sports with maximum clarity, comfort and protection. …

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Men’s Phase 15 Snowboard Boots | By DC Shoes


As our beloved Ned Stark always said – Winter is coming, and the fun snowy activities come with it. Snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports in the world, and you can’t ride the board without the good boot. A few days ago we talked about the Top 30 snowboarding boots for men …

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$1250 - $1450|

Those of you who are familiar with backcountry snowboarding already know which boards are adequate for untouched deep powder. For those of you who aren’t but might be open to giving backcountry riding a shot, we present to you the Winterstick Swallowtail. The story of the Wintestick Swallowtail is considered by many snowboarding enthusiasts to …

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There are numerous reasons for winter enthusiasts to be happy this year, as great winter equipment seems to be popping out of the woodwork this season. This is also the case with the MK. II goggles by Bosky as these are modern goggles for a modern world. The MK. II was highly anticipated among the skiing and snowboarding crowd. …

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Yooner was made by TSL Outdoor and it is possible that it will become the new in-thing. Everything is going in its favor. It is easy to use, meaning that many people can enjoy it; it’s small enough to be carried around easily; it’s more comfortable than most of his counterparts; and, most importantly, it’s …

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