Great news for lovers of winter sports! For the next ski/snowboarding season, the renown eyewear manufacturer Oakley has created a brand new frameless goggle set called Flight Deck which combines top of the crop features and premium construction materials to deliver an unparalleled slope-shredding experience on any given terrain.

When working on their new goggle design,Oakley looked to fighter pilot helmet visors for inspiration and adjusted the headpiece screen concept to meet the highest slope eyewear standards. The outcome of this process is embodied in a piece of eyewear with superior field of vision, finest optics and optimum ventilation. Thanks to the rimless goggle design and expanded lens volume, Flight Deck maximizes your field of view beyond any other goggle set out there, and it also allows unrivalled downward and peripheral vision so you’ll never be caught off guard during your slaloms or downhill races.

Attached to an oversized 50 millimeter adjustable strap with silicone liner, the low-profile Oakley frames sport a flexible O Matter® chassis, rigid strap anchor plates and triple-layer foam lining with moisture-wicking polar fleece facing for all-day comfort, tight facial seal, improved visibility and easy compatibility with most ski helmets. On top of that, the Flight Deck set features spherical Prizm™ lens made from injection-molded Plutonite and treated with F3 Anti-Fog coating for 100% protection from UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light, delivering minimal visual distortion and optimum light transmission with enhanced visibility and fine-tuned contrast. Thanks to the Max Dual-Pane Lens design with optional Iridium® lens coating, Flight Deck goggles easily adapt to virtually any light condition to provide minimum fogging, optimized light transmission and maximum glare reduction.

Oakley Flight Deck goggle

With the interchangeable lens system, swapping the Oakley optics on the slope becomes as easy as ABC: thanks to the Ridgelock lens sub-frame attachment, you can switch your Flight Deck lens for another optic set better suited to the changeable weather conditions without having to interrupt your ski fun over lengthy lens swaps, and the discreet frame notches found under strap anchors at the temples mean that you can keep your glasses on when carving the snow.

With impact resistance verified to the demanding ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938:2010 standards, optimal goggle ventilation, wide range of helmet compatibility, comfortable facial fit and ultra-wide field of view with superior peripheral vision, Flight Deck Ski Goggles is the best eye-protection set you can hope to find, so make sure you get yourself a piece of it before you hit your next slope.

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Oakley Flight Deck

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