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Electrolite Snow Goggles | By Electric California


With winter well on its way, it’s time to get out all your winter gear. That includes, for all of you that just love winter sports, your snow gear. Well, if you’re into skiing and snowboarding, you should definitely take a look at Electric’s Electrolite Snow Goggles. Designed to be comfortable and super lightweight, while …

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BSG2 Magnetic Lens Snowboard Goggles | By Blueprint Eyewear

from €89|

If you’re one of those guys who live for winter and the excitement of snowboarding and feeling the cold against your face, you know that other than snowboarding boots, you need another piece of equipment that you just can’t go without. To ensure both your own safety and a magnificent view, you need good goggles. …

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There are numerous reasons for winter enthusiasts to be happy this year, as great winter equipment seems to be popping out of the woodwork this season. This is also the case with the MK. II goggles by Bosky as these are modern goggles for a modern world. The MK. II was highly anticipated among the skiing and snowboarding crowd. …

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to see perfectly in the dark, just like it is the middle of the day? Human beings don’t have the capacity of perfect night vision unlike some animals, including cats and owls, famous for having perfect night sight. But now you can experience this incredible, almost supernatural sensation …

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If you cannot imagine your life without a weekly dose of jogging around a park, then perhaps, in the near future, you will not be able to imagine jogging without Sony SmartEyeglass Attach. The latest creation by Sony, it was presented during the CES 2015, the greatest tech show on earth. Unlike its lengthy name, …

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