Much to the dismay of adrenaline junkies, summer’s officially over and the season of sun-washed outdoor activities is nearing its end. Gone are the days of heat, sweat and shine spent kayaking, biking, hiking and swimming until small hours, or just lazying around the beach or poolside with a refreshing cocktail close at hand.

But do not let your heart sink with the early setting of the sun – winter is not far away, so you’d better start readying your sports equipment for the wintry adventures and snow-shredding thrills. Today, we bring you the list of top snow goggles to keep you safe and bright-eyed (and bushy-tailed, too) on your snow-borne escapades at all times.

Zeal Optics Level Goggles 2015

Zeal Optics Level Goggles
Cool and trendy, Zeal Optics Level Goggles 2015 is a piece of snowboarding eyewear designed especially for all-mountain performance. One of the goggles in the reportedly best-designed Summit Series, Optics Level 2015 have been tried and tested by professional athletes in all weather and terrain conditions to ensure extreme durability and reliable eye protection.

Thanks to the innovative Anti-Fog Infused Process, Levels will stay fog-free at all times as you’re working up a sweat rushing down the mountainside, while the large Impact Resistant Frame with spherical mirrored lens will keep your eyes safe and protected even if you take an unexpected plunge from your board or skis. Compatible with most helmets, Zeal Optic Levels are fitted with a Dual Strap System for perfect fit and maximum comfort, and they also boast 100% UV Protection for ultra-bright days. Available from Amazon, this par of stylish goggles will set you back by $142, but they’re definitely worth it.

BUY | $142

Smith Optics Prophecy Turbo Fan Goggle

Smith Optics Prophecy Turbo Fan Goggle
A blend of sleek design and reliable performance, Smith Optics Prophecy Turbo Fan Goggles are perfectly suited for use in the meanest of extreme weather conditions and rough mountain terrains. Featuring spherical and cylindrical carbonic-X lenses with TLT optics and 5X Anti-Fog inner lens and Porex(TM) filter, the Turbo Fan set is built to offer an unforgettalbe snow-shredding experience with low-profile design and high performance fit.

Ultra-comfortable and helmet-compatible, the Prophecy Turbo features an ultra-wide, silicone-backed strap and QuickFit strap adjustment system for snug medium-to-large fit and simple outrigger positioning, allowing you to keep your eyeglasses on without added bulk typical for standard OTG goggles. At the price of $113.68, you also get a soft microfiber boggle carrying bag and the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, so make sure you check out Smith Optics’ take on goggle design on Amazon before you go and buy another pair of protection eyewear.

BUY | $95+

Polarlens PG20 Goggles with exchangeable lenses

Polarlens PG20
If you’re looking for high-quality goggles at an affordable price, this is it – with Anti-fog design and top and bottom ventilation system and 100% UV protection filter (CAT 3 + UV400), the German-engineered Polarlens PG20 protection piece comes with a set of interchangeable lenses, mirrored black and contrast orange, to meet the highest ski and snowboarding eyewear standards.

Packed in a glossy back twin panel frame, PG20 features a reflective Flash Mirror exchangeable lens system which is both ultra-light and easy to use. On top of that, the Polarlens 40 millimeter wide set is also helmet-compatible and comes with an extra-long adjustable strap so your protection eyewear will always stay safely on even if you take a nosedive on the mountainside. For as few as $59.90, you get PG20 Goggles with a set of exchangeable lenses in contrast-orange, as well as a microfiber cleaning pouch so make sure you check it out here.

BUY | $59.90

Smith IO Interchangeable Goggles with Bonus Lens

Smith IO Interchangeable Goggles
And speaking about interchangeable goggles with extra lens, we must not forget to mention the Smith IO Goggles. A slightly pricier alternative to the PG20, Smith IO interchangeable goggles feature spherical, carbonic X-lens with TLT optics topped by 5X Anti-Fog inner lens and patented Vaporator lens technology with Porex filter to keep your eye protection piece fog-free, your view of surrounding slopes crystal-clear and your eyes well-protected as you’re shredding down the mountainside.

Sporting a medium-sized flexible urethane frame, Smith IO goggles are helmet-compatible and outfitted with an ultra-wide, silicone backed strap, and they also come with a manufacturer lifetime guarantee so you need not worry about safety and potential broken eyewear even with accidental spills. Available from Amazon, Smith IO will set you back $109.99 – $193.00 but it’s a reasonable investment for optimum safety and protection on your skiing and snowboarding adventures.

BUY | $109.99+

Smith Optics I/O Recon Goggle

Smith Optics IO Recon Goggle
If you don’t mind cashing out some extra dough for a true goggle masterpiece, we recommend you check out another piece by Smith Optics, the so-called Optics I/O Recon Goggle we featured on our website a while ago. Priced $650, the Optics I/O Recon eyewear features MOD Live technology integration to display speed, altitude, distance, location, vertical, jump analytics and other skiing essentials right there before your eyes.

The I/O Recon easily pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to show you all you need to know about your snow-borne skills. Thanks to its unique I/O frame design, this pair of goggles maximizes your field of view and packs a quick-release lens system for simple replacement of optics on the spot.

Other Recon specs include 5X Anti-Fog inner lenses, patented Vaporator lens technology with Porex, medium to large fit, helmet compatibility and several other neat features to round off your perfect skiing trip. Available from Amazon, Smith Optics I/O Recon comes with a set of two spherical lenses, protective hard case, microfiber goggle bag and manufacturer’s lifetime warranty so check it out – with a range of digital info and interchangeable lens, this pair is really worth saving up for.

BUY | $650

Oakley Splice Adult Goggles

Oakley Splice Adult Goggles
And speaking about reliable goggle manufacturers, we must not forget the protection eyewear pioneer Oakley. In order to create the Splice Adult Goggles, the Oakley crowd took apart the goggle concept and rebuilt it from scratch, all with a view to provide you with an all-day comfort eyewear with premium UV-resistant lens for maximum protection coupled with stylish looks.

Boasting a unique skeletal support system that covers the entire nasal area, Splice goggles are designed to maximize airflow and reduce pressure on the nose. For lasting goggle flexibility, Oakley used O Matter frame material that can stand even extreme colds and still preserve maximum seal around the wearer’s face for optimum inside temperature. Thanks to the moisture-wicking triple-layer fleece foam lining that helps balance pressure evenly even on extended skiing or snowboarding sessions, your comfort is guaranteed even on downhill rides that call for some heavy sweat drops.

To optimize downward visibility and maximize side-to-side vision, Oakley used strap outriggers for panoramic views of the surroundings with best possible peripheral vision without any obstacles and bands getting in your vision-way. The Splice Adult Goggles also boast an interchangeable lens system with semi-flush mounting for simple on-the-go lens replacement, and the optics themselves are dual vented and made from Plutonite to filter out 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and offer unparalleled impact protection. The lens also sport Oakley’s signature F3 anti-fog technology for ultra-reliable performance on the slope. And if you opt for the Oakley Splice goggles, you also get an optional Iridium lens coating for optimum light transmission balance. Available from Amazon in a range of colors and lens tints, Oakley Splice Adult Goggles are priced $150 so take them in consideration when choosing eye protection accessories for your next snow adventure.

BUY | $110+

Giro Onset Spherical Lens Goggle

Giro Onset Spherical Lens Goggle
Another piece in the $150 category worth checking out on Amazon comes in the shape of Giro Onset Spherical Lens Goggle. With the innovative EXV Technology-on slope sight and True Sight dual lens, the Giro Onset goggles sport a massive spherical lens for wide-angle peripheral view that exceeds by far any other goggle out there.

To ensure maximum comfort and optimum fit, the Giro Onset goggles pack supple triple-layer face foam with micro-fleece facing so you need not worry about the goggle seal and potential mask marks that the eye protection may leave behind on your face. Fully helmet compatible, the Onset boasts a super-fit large-size frame and crystal-clear optics designed by Carl Zeiss Vision for your best snow-shredding thrills this winter.

BUY | $150

Oakley Airbrake Snow Goggle

Oakley Airbrake Snow Goggle
Another Oakley design for the forthcoming winter season available from Amazon, the Airbrake Snow Goggle offers the ideal combo of lens filtering, visual contrast and color balance for best performance on the slope in any light conditions.

An outcome of over three decades’ work in designing, engineering and testing, Oakley Airbrake offers superb optical clarity and optimum eye protection even on the rockiest of downhill slides, and it comes with an affordable $135.40 price tag so make sure you give it a go.

BUY | $220

Bolle Emperor Goggles

Bolle Emperor Goggles
Boasting an extra-large lens and virtually rimless frame design, Bolle Emperor Goggles are truly an eye-protection piece fit for a king. In addition to the spherical lens for wide-angle field of view and maximum peripheral vision, the Bolle Emperor sports waterproof Equalizer technology combined with P80+ Anti Fog and Flow-Tech venting to ensure sufficient fresh air supply at all times and keep your goggle completely fog-free 24/7.

Thanks to its super soft triple-layer polar fleece with dual foam layers, Emperor goggles provide an optimum facial seal and a perfect large size fit. Plus, this trendy goggle piece also packs the innovative Bolle Forestay outrigger system for extra comfort and ideal helmet fit during your snow games. Shipping from Amazon, Bolle Emperor goggles are available for as few as $73.49, so make sure you order your pair today.

BUY | $73.49

Bolle 2014/15 Osmoz Snow Helmet

Bolle Osmoz Snow Helmet
There’s another Bolle eyewear design for the 2014/2015 winter season and it’s called Osmoz Snow Helmet. Designed as a single head protection piece for keen slope lovers, the Osmoz Snow Helmet has an integrated goggle with interchangeable spherical polycarbonate lens and a comfortable yet sturdy helmet to keep your head well-packed and injury free even on toughest terrains and ion the face of potential hard snow spills.

The built-in Rocken lens system allows the wearer to remove and replace goggle lens in a flash, so swapping the optics on the slope becomes a piece of cake. Thanks to the Advanced Airflow Connection, this unique combo provides optimum flow between the goggle and the helmet for minimum fogging and maximum ventilation. And if you have any concerns about comfort on long mountain days, this piece of information will put your mind at rest – Osmoz packs a detachable and washable soft lining so your nose, cheeks and the rest of the face will definitely love this piece of winter sports gear. Weighing as few as 490 grams, Bolle Osmoz Snow Helmet sells on Amazon for $193.75.

BUY | $193.75

Salomon X-Tend 12 Goggles

Salomon X-Tend 12
And if you’re a lover of ultimate versatility and outstanding design in goggles, try out Salomon X-Tend 12 Goggles for size. Featuring the revolutionary Thermo Control System, X-Trend 12 provides optimum ventilation and more even distribution of pressure on the outside goggle ridges and the top vents to pull away any potential moist from the lens and face. Thanks to the unique bi-material (soft/hard) frame design and plush super-flexy membrane found between the face foam and the outside of the goggle frame, the Salomon X-Trend easily adapts to different face shapes for maximum wearing comfort, tight seal and better slope performance.

Also, the premium spherical lens found in the Salomon goggle ensures a field of vision wider by 20% compared to similar goggles in the category, while the Upgraded Mirror means that the inside of the lens has been subjected to innovative Multi-layered Tri-Tech treatment and coating frame finish for added durability, higher visual clarity and minimal scratches and smudges on the lens. The Tri-Tech mirror application procedure consists of Hydrophobic and Oleophobic lens treatment which also helps reduce eye fatigue and prevent potential moisture buildup on the inside of the lens.

Other specs include an injected-molded technology, articulated outrigger, dual density foam, metallic inserts and silicon components, as well as interchangeability and compatibility with most helmets – all in all, this is a truly versatile and super-comfy premium-build goggle worth having around as you’re preparing to hit the slopes. Order it today on Amazon for as few as $75.45 – $119.93.

BUY | $75.45+

POC Retina Big Photochromic Goggle

POC Retina Big Photochromic Goggle
Unlike other goggles available on the market, POC Retina Big Photochromic Goggles uses innovative technologies to tackle quite a few problems found in standard ski and snowboard eye protection gear. The large frame allows for a huge field of view and more effective peripheral vision, while the photochromic lens automatically adjusts its tint to best suit different light conditions for ultimate mountainside safety.

Also, the state-of-the-art anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment used in the Retina Big optical-grade polycarbonate lens guarantees maximum clarity and minimal smudges during slope drifting. For added durability, tight seal and top wearing enjoyment, POC Retina Big goggle features a soft-coated polyurethane frame outfitted with triple-density face foam to provide an ultra-comfortable fit free of nasty side gaps that may let in some unwanted chilliness. To keep the eye protection in place, POC threw in a silicone grip on the inside of the goggle strap, so your Retina Big will not unexpectedly slide from your helmet as you’re carving snow and getting your kicks out of the board or skis. Available from Amazon for $209.90, POC Retina Big Photocromic Goggle is definitely worth your wintry while.

BUY | $210

POC Lobes Strap with Lens (Orange/Orange)

POC Lobes Strap with Lens
And last but not the least, we have the POC Lobes goggles with the price tag in the $109.95 – $474.88 range. Inspired by Swedish architect Siguard Lewerentz (best known for putting his windows on the outside of facades), POC Lobes comes with a huge perfectly spherical polycarbonate lens for an extra-wide field of view and minimum visual distortion. The injected outer lens is made from optical grade polycarbonate, carefully tapered for optimum thickness, and cut with the help of computerized numerical control for most accurate dimensions and ideal goggle shape, and a second cellulose propionate layer is then applied to the inner lens for completely anti-scratch and fog-free performance.

For ultimate durability and extra comfort, the goggles are fitted with a soft polyurethane frame triple-layer face foam for maximum wearer safety on impact. On top of that, the lenses can be easily interchanges so you need not worry if you need to swap them on the fly. The POC Lobes goggle comes with a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty so you’re fully covered in case of any defects and potential cracks. Check POC Lobe goggle out on Amazon and make sure you order it before you hit the slope next time.

BUY | $160

So, that would be all goggle-wise for now, folks! We hope you’ll find our selection useful. There’s a lot of top-notch goggles out there, but we picked a few that proved best in real-life snow-carving ventures. On top of looking great, these goggles will also make you look stunning on snow – and even more importantly, each of them provides maximum protection during mountainside adventures. Stay safe, and wear goggles – because this year’s first snow is just around the corner.

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