We have already mentioned BioLite and their amazing inventions before and we will be more than proud to do it again. What we have here today is the BioLite Nanogrid System, which is another brilliant product coming from these guys. Once again they have shown that they absolutely know what is needed during outdoor adventures.

This is a lighting system and a battery pack in a single device, which can be very useful to people who like spending their nights under the stars. Believe it or not, the 4,400mAh power pack can be charged by plugging it into any USB power source. Naturally, you will mostly use it for charging other devices. However, more incredible is its ability to light a huge area around you in various ways.

Biolite Nanogrid

It offers numerous modes of lighting, so you can pick the one that suits you best at any given moment. BioLite Nanogrid System features a normal mode that offers about 200 lumens of 360º lighting and a directional torch mode that lights the path in front of you with around 250 lumens. This basically means that three items – a lantern, a flashlight and a rechargeable battery are reduced to only one. Also, there are two round SiteLights included that are supposed to provide 150 extra lumens each, if required. It comes with a protective casing, as well, which is truly helpful, considering the fact that it is meant to be used outdoors.

Should you ever try using BioLite Nanogrid System, you will immediately start thinking of it as a must-have item for your outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking, since it alone will totally solve all of your power and lightning problems. [via]

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Biolite Nanogrid lighting system and battery charger

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