You want a powerful, bright, and enduring lantern that is, at the same time, compact, lightweight, and perfect for camping, travel and backpacking? The Black Diamond Titan Lantern is what you are looking for. This unique 250-lumen QuadPower LED will shine a strong light on the biggest of camp sites. The lantern has a frosted globe which emanates a unique ambient light, as well as a dual reflector system which captures and boosts light output.

Thanks to its double-hook loop, the Black Diamond Titan Lantern can be hanged anywhere. The lantern operates on 4D cell-batteries, it has a maximum burn time of impressive 168 hours on low and 24 hours on high. It weighs only 690 grams (1.8 lbs). You can adjust the brightness and conserve battery life with a dimming switch. To switch on the Titan Lantern all need to do is to pull the globe to open, and click the button once. Another great feature is the Battery Power Indicator (BPI) which shows you the lantern’s remaining power – green light indicates full, yellow adequate, and red low.

Camping lanterns

The Black Diamond Titan Lantern is very stable thanks to its wide base, and it can light a 45-feet-wide area. It measures 5.5 x 9.8 inches when opened, and 5.5 x 7.9 inches when closed. The Titan is also very durable. The users have reported that they have accidentally dropped it, spilled water on it, and found it with thick layer frost on it, and the Titan’s performance hasn’t been affected at all.

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Campin lantern by Black Diamond

Black Diamond Titan Lantern

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