Remember the exquisite fragrance of freshly cooked meals that always welcomed you on your grandmother’s kitchen doorstep back in your carefree childhood, when every new day was a promise of an extraordinary adventure in the making and every meal sent thousands of sizzling flavors dancing across your palate? Well, with Maple Bacon Candle, you can savor all the aromas of days long gone to your heart’s delight, even if you never actually get to cook like your granny did. Created as part of the Southern Kitchen Candle Collection by fragrance experts Everyday Eclectic, this unique scented candle will infuse your home with the sweetest of homely aromas and turn your every morning into a genuine feast for all the senses.

Handcrafted from pure soy wax, Maple Bacon Candle will deliver up to 35 hours of delicate, room-filling smell of smoky cured bacon and sugary maple syrup. Thanks to its all-natural wooden wick, this eco-friendly candle will produce a subtle and comforting crackling sound as its steady flame burns evenly.

Hand poured into reusable farmhouse-inspired crocks, each Maple Bacon Candle weighs 7 ounces and consists of 100% soy wax, which makes it completely renewable, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, as well as sustainable, health safe and clean for use. Water-soluble for easy cleanup and soot- and smoke-free during burn time, Maple Bacon Candle is a perfect gift for your family, friends and loved ones that will always remind them of cordial reunions, good cheer and home-cooked feasts, so make sure you order a handful of this marvelous fragrance goodness before the supplies run out. [via]

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