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Native Union’s Dual Port Charger | Is What We All Need In Our Lives


Until our dreams of true wireless charging have been realized, we are still bound by cables and ports. We are all familiar with the annoyance of being kicked of a charger because somebody else needs the port. Well, thanks to the Native Union Dual Port Smart Charger that will never be the case again! Designed …

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Ossia’s COTA Can Charge All Of Your Devices Wirelessly

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True wireless charging has been the chase of a dream for many. To be able to simply walk into a room, and your mobile charges automatically in your pocket. No wires, no struggles, no worries. Well, thanks to the brainchild of Ossia’s CTO Hatem Zeine, this has just become a reality. Introducing the Ossia COTA. …

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FINsix Dart-C | World’s Smallest Laptop Charger


We all know the pain of carrying around a laptop charger. Even with recent technological innovation, they are still somewhat bulky and heavy to carry around. Not to mention that they are limited by voltages and this makes it difficult to charge while traveling. Luckily for us, a new device by FINsix, the Dart-C Laptop …

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Bosch Power Box | A Booming Jobsite Radio And Charger


Bosch has always been known for their exceptional quality when it comes to tools. However, the Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger, is something extremely unique. Even by our standards. Designed to be rugged and used in the worksite, the Bosch Power Box isn’t only a radio but it can charge your phone and …

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Bosch Electric Car Power Max Charging Station


It’s perfectly clear now that we’re living more and more in the age of electric vehicles and in order to keep this electrical world running we need car chargers for those vehicles. We present you the Power Max Charging Station by Bosch. This level 2 charger has 30 Amps of power and together you’ll get a 25 …

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Biolite Limited Edition Black Campstove


We’ve mentioned BioLite Campstove recently in our Christmas Gift Guide for Camping and Survival – it’s an awesome piece of equipment for everyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Now, after reaching their Kickstarter milestone and going completely carbon-free, the company has released a limited edition of the outdoor stove in carbon black color. Let us …

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Screwpop Tools, a company which makes practical and “clippable” tools, has released a new and very useful accessory which will make all the trouble with charging and recharging your favorite smart devices hassle free. ClipCHARGE +|- is very simple in design; it features a battery cell, a clippable cable wrap and a 38 inch long …

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Keeping your devices fully topped up on your outdoor explorations is sometimes more essential than keeping your belly full – because a bottle of fresh water and a sandwich may not get you out of a desert island, but a working cell phone, laptop or tablet might just do the trick. But how to pick …

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Buckle up, lovers of mobile tech! A new portable energy supply solution called Kraftwerk Power Plant by eZelleron Inc. engineering team has arrived and it’s looking pretty tough, durable and superior all around. Built to keep your portable devices safely topped up at all times, Kraftwerk provides an efficient and reliable energy source to go …

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We have already mentioned BioLite and their amazing inventions before and we will be more than proud to do it again. What we have here today is the BioLite Nanogrid System, which is another brilliant product coming from these guys. Once again they have shown that they absolutely know what is needed during outdoor adventures. …

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