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Unifun 10400mAh Waterproof Power Bank


In today’s technological age, part of the package is that you always need power to charge your devices. Well, at times, that can be problem when you’re planning a trip of epicness into the wilderness. Thanks to the Unifun Waterproof Power Bank that will never be a problem again! Super rugged in design, the Unifun …

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Estream | A Portable Water Power Generator


Whether it’s your phone, audio devices, cameras or other gadgets, when you’re outdoors, you just have to think about batteries. This is where Estream comes in, a new power generator that uses the energy of water to power all your USB-connected devices. Created by Enomad, the goal of this product was to create a powerful and portable green …

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Griffin Survivor | 10,050mAh Rugged Power Bank


With our mobile devices being a sign of our symbiotic relationship with technology, there is but one problem that we still don’t have a permanent solution for. That problem is running out of power when you need it the most. However, thanks to advancement in tech, we get devices like the Griffin Survivor Power Bank …

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Wallet For iPhone With 2,400mAh Battery | By Nomad


Fully charged iPhone and a wallet are the two things everyone simply must have with them when they’re going out. But what happens when you forget to charge your phone? Well, no problem there, Nomad Wallet for iPhone 6 has an installed charger that allows you to charge your favorite gadget regardless of where you …

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Cycling is an extremely beneficial activity in terms of health and fitness, but with the proper gear you can turn cycling into something more. For instance, the Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger will turn your bike into a reliable way of charging up your smartphone or any other device which you may need. However, its usefulness doesn’t …

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Yes, the sad truth is that we need to be constantly ‘plugged in’. We heavily depend on our iPads and iPhones and they have become crucial tools in performing our daily tasks. One of the most annoying things that can happen when using these devices is their battery going dead. In the middle of a …

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If you’ve decided to use a MacBook and an iPhone because of their commendable battery life, among other things, but still can’t manage to do everything you want on both on a single charge, we are happy to inform you that there is now a very simple solution to this problem. A solution which comes …

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from $23.15|

If you are one of those guys who thoroughly despise carrying a bunch of charging cables or just simply forget to bring them with you, then we have a simple and compact solution for you. This solution comes in the form of a CulCharge, the smallest USB charger ever which is very easy to carry …

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If you look around your house, you’ll notice you use them almost in every single device you have – remote controls, digital cameras, toys, lights, flashlights, clocks… We are talking about disposable alkaline batteries which, despite their widespread use, have a rather short lifespan. Or not… If you have Batteriser. Designed by Bob Roohparvar, who holds …

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