Need a high-quality flashlight? You want it to be sturdy, durable, reliable and you wouldn’t mind beautiful? Read on, then. We present you with the XINTD X3 by GearBest.

The XINTD X3 body is made of high quality aluminum with an aluminum smooth reflector and glass lens. The impression of the flashlight’s performance you get from its looks and materials is further enhanced by the beautiful gun metal color.

Measuring 6.1 x 1.5 x 2.16 inches and weighing 0.68 pounds it sure feels good in your hand and inspires confidence. The bezel made of stainless steel protects the head of the flashlight in case you drop it. Additionally, it is very unlikely to slide or roll away due to the texture with stripes which increase friction and rectangular thread which helps its overall anti-roll design.

When it comes to power sources the XINTD X3 is very versatile. You can use one 26650, also one 18650, or three AA batteries.

XINTD X3 960 lumen flashlight

All of this is nice, but batteries have one primary function and that is providing you with light. The Cree XM-L2 U2 emitter used in the XINTD X3 gives off stunning 960 lumens of light. For those of you who know what kind of a light this is, we’ll give you some time to absorb the information. For the ones who aren’t familiar with this measuring system, well skip all the physics and tell you that one lumen is a similar amount of light to the one that one candle would emit. So, 960 candles in the XINTD X3.

To put all this in a more practical kind of a perspective, most of the common flashlights out there rarely come close to 100 lumens; household units don’t need more than 25; camping flashlights with about 50-60 lumens will suffice; and police officers’ torches usually go from 90 to 150 lumens and if you have ever had one of those up in your face, you know how bright it is. Now again, the XINTD X3 has 960 lumens.

This kind of power comes with two kinds of modes. The first option has three modes – low 5%, mid 50% and high 100%. The second option has two additional modes – strobe and SOS.

Apart from the XINTD X3, GearBest offers numerous other gadgets, mobile phones and accessories which, judging by the XINTD X3 flashlight, are definitely worth checking out.

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XINTD X3 960 lumen flashlight

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