We all know just how vital it is to have an ever-ready power source when exploring the big outdoors, and though there is a host of energy packs on the market especially designed to back your electronics up on off-road trails, few of them can boast the versatility of the Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool. Recently released by well-known producer of portable power gear Goal Zero, this convenient multi-tool set boasts lots of energy, incredible versatility and handsome design, so it should definitely get its rightful place in your backpack.

Built to keep all your beloved mobile electronics topped up at all times on your outdoor explorations, the Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool is a small cylinder equipped with a replaceable lightweight 3000mAh lithium battery that hooks to a rugged plug-and-play 7-watt fold-out solar panel with multiple input ports in order to provide the critical juice supply for your smartphones, cameras, tablets, GPS devices and other USB-compatible gear. On top of that, the Goal Zero’s latest multi-tool set packs a flashlight head with wide-angle/pinpoint focus that outputs 160 lumens of bright LED to light up any dark area you may come across during your adventure, be it a nighttime campsite, deep forest trail or an abandoned tool shed. But that’s not all – in addition to the device charging and flashlight features, the Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool also has a tiny air-conditioning tip with green rubber blades so it can serve as a convenient quiet mini fan to provide some refreshing breeze on hot summer days.

Goal Zero Switch 10 USB multi-tool

Charge-wise, the small multi-tool unit can be topped up in 4-6 hours by direct sun exposure of the included solar panel to sunlight, and in case that’s too long for you, you can recharge the Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool from a wall outlet via USB cable in around 4 hours. In case you forget to juice up your Goal Zero multi-tool every 3-6 months, the neat indicator LED will notify you about the amount of power left and provide a quick visual read-out on the available energy level. The included 3000mAh lithium battery can stand hundreds of recharge cycles and it can be easily replaced once its lifespan expires. Equipped with 5V input and output ports, the Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool has a built-in charging and low-battery protection so you need not worry about over-juicing it. Measuring 4.5 x 1 x 1 inches (11.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 centimeters) and weighing as few as 4 ounces (113 grams), the Goal Zero multi-tool kit is compatible with Apple®, Android™ and Windows™ devices and comes with a 12-month producer warranty.

Designed to keep you 100% covered power-wise when braving the wild, Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool is a must-have for keen campers, regular hikers and other outdoorsmen. Make sure you grab your new all-in-one energy kit before you set out to conquer the world.

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Goal Zero Switch 10

Goal Zero Switch 10 USB multi-tool

Goal Zero Switch 10


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