Biolite Limited Edition Black Campstove


We’ve mentioned BioLite Campstove recently in our Christmas Gift Guide for Camping and Survival – it’s an awesome piece of equipment for everyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Now, after reaching their Kickstarter milestone and going completely carbon-free, the company has released a limited edition of the outdoor stove in carbon black color. Let us remind you once more why it’s so awesome…

The eco-friendly stove is a perfect companion for both camping trips and all sorts of natural disasters. The thing that makes it so great is the fact that it can generate fire into useful electricity. In other words, while cooking a smoke-free (since it doesn’t generate any) outdoor meal, you can also charge your phone or tablet. Made out of aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel, BioLite Campstove weighs just over 2 lbs and it can take up to a gallon of liquid. Thanks to the fact it doesn’t use fossil fuel, it’s beneficial for our planet, too – even more so with the new no-carbon policy.

Black limited edition Biolite Campstove

Made of stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum, the Biolite Campstove is super-light and efficient.

When it comes to its prime purpose – cooking – the BioLite Campstove can boil a liter of water in 4.5 minutes. It’ll need around 46 grams of wood to do that, by the way. So, this is a time-efficient way to cook food (you can use pinecones, wood pellets, and similar biomass fuel), charge your phone and be environmentally friendly – great combination, don’t you think? The company only produced 1000 black stoves, each marked with a unique ID number. One of them is waiting just for you. [via]

Biolite Limited Edition Black Campstove lit with a hand holding wood above

One of the 1000 carbon black pieces is waiting for you.

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