XTEND Portable Bathtub Weighs Less Than 10kg | By Carina Deuschl

If you’re on the road a lot you might miss the relaxing experience of soaking in your bathtub. Well, designer Carina Deuschl has created a portable bathtub that weighs less than 10kg so you can take your tub anywhere you go. The XTEND bathtub is cleverly designed and made from high-tech materials using innovative manufacturing processes. It consists of a lightweight carbon fiber frame, waterproof liner fabric and it includes a set of legs to stand upon as well as a faucet for easy filling.

The XTEND portable bathtub is only 8.5mm thick when folded and it weighs a total of 7kg. If you don’t like the hotel room’s tub or if you want a luxurious outdoor bathing experience, you can easily pack your own personal bathtub into the car trunk or an ultra-thin case. The strong but light carbon fiber frame was cut into an accordion using a high-pressure water jet. The white cloth is a 3-layer synthetic material made from the prototype from Tyvek® soft structure, PrimaLoft® and it has an additional waterproof coating.

XTEND Portable Bathtub, packed for transportation, a figure of a man holding it in front of his body. White background.

The XTEND portable bathtub is 8.5mm thin when packed and it weighs only 7kg

The contrasting structure of the black carbon frame and white fabric comes together nicely in the XTEND portable bathtub. This bathtub is thinner than your iPad and it combines a sleek design, high functionality and comfort that is now available anywhere you have a water connection. The tub has all the plumbing you’ll need to fill it and pump the water out when you’re done with your soaking session. It’s amazing how you can turn a flat sheet with a light frame into a full-sized bathtub.

XTEND Portable Bathtub, assembled, on a white background.

The XTEND portable bathtub consists of a black carbon fiber frame and white high-performance fabric, and it includes legs and a faucet

The XTEND bathtub redefines the concept of a bathtub with a portable strong and lightweight frame and high-performance machine washable fabric that smoothens out completely when the tub is full. All the components included can be attached to the plate for transport or storage while the assembly is rather fast and intuitive. Take your portable bathtub with you if you want to have the luxury of bathing no matter where you are. [via]

XTEND Portable Bathtub

The XTEND bathtub is easily and intuitively assembled for a luxurious bathing experience wherever you are

Check out the video below to see how the XTEND bathtub is assembled:

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